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Does Visiting Angels only provide home care to seniors?

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Does Visiting Angels only provide home care to seniors?

Caring for New Jersey’s seniors is NOT our only focus. Although providing exceptional home care to seniors is at the heart of Visiting Angels NJ, we also provide services to all adults who may need extra care such as: recovery support after surgery, help during cancer treatments, aid for those with broken bones, discreet assistance to those recovering from plastic surgery, and also for those who just simply need a well-deserved break from providing care to their ill or elder loved ones.

As we age, who typically needs more care—men or women?

December 28th, 2011 1 Comment

As we age, who typically needs more care—men or women?

The need for assistance with everyday activities (including eating, dressing, bathing, toileting, and continence) increases as we age for both men and women, but according to the U.S. Census Bureau, women are more likely to need assistance than men (home care NJ can help with these activities of daily living). Women typically live longer and have higher rates of disability and chronic health problems. After years of caring for others, it’s unfortunate that long-term care is something few women adequately plan for, and something they will likely desperately need.

What does it mean to “age in place” and is it really possible?

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What does it mean to “age in place” and is it really possible?

Aging in place” is simply the concept of growing old in your own home. Your home is familiar, it’s full of memories, and it helps you feel secure. Yes, it’s definitely possible to safely age in place—with some modifications. For instance, your home might need adjustments to accommodate an aging body, such as shower handrails, even flooring, and additional lighting. You may also benefit from the services of a home care company, such as Visiting Angels NJ.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Visiting Angels!

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Wishing you peace, love and laughter this

Holiday Season and throughout the New Year!

from all of us at Visiting Angels

Serving Mercer & Burlington Counties, New Jersey

Does Santa’s behavior show signs of dementia?

December 20th, 2011 1 Comment

Does Santa show signs of having dementia? An article from shows how his behavior and health may reveal 7 potential symptoms. For example, he makes a list and checks it twice–many Alzheimer’s sufferers make lists to help them remember. He asks the same questions over and over again (such as “Have you been good this year? What would you like for Christmas?”). He’s getting up in age…and his belly is rotund (obesity is a risk factor). To read all seven of Santa’s similarities, go to

Are you a family caregiver with holiday stress? NJ Senior Care can help…

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Being a family caregiver during a “regular” month brings enough challenges each day, but with stress during the holidays, the daily challenges can become even more overwhelming. Not only do you need to keep the house clean, pay bills, prepare meals, care for your senior loved one as well as your spouse, children, and pets, but you also have to shop for holiday gifts, go to or plan holiday get-togethers, send holiday greetings…and the list goes on and on.

Wouldn’t it be a huge help if someone could take the responsibility of doing some of these tasks for you? Our NJ senior care certified aides can help! We can help you with simple housekeeping, walking the dog, preparing meals, running errands (such as going to the grocery or pharmacy), but even more importantly–taking care of your elder parent by providing compassionate and caring companionship, grooming/hygiene assistance, providing safety supervision, and more.

45% of NJ’s baby boomers plan to leave the state when they retire, poll shows…

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A recent Kean University/New Jersey Speaks poll of NJ baby boomers revealed some interesting results. It shows that 45% of NJ’s boomers plan to retire out-of-state due to the high cost of living in New Jersey. It also shows they are worried about losing their jobs, reports New Jersey residents aren’t alone in their concerns about their financial situation as they head toward retirement (an assisted living facility in NJ, for example, averages $59,250 per year, according to Genworth Financial). Many seniors do not have the financial resources to live throughout their “golden years”—many even plan to work until they are 80, reports

Visit our Resources Page on to learn of Options to Age at Home.

NJ Pearl Harbor survivors: marking 70 years today…

December 7th, 2011 No Comments

At one time, there were 800 Pearl Harbor survivors in New Jersey. That number has decreased to about 7. Ralph Jeffers of Monmouth County and Thomas Mahoney of Union both were serving in Hawaii on the USS Curtiss, a seaplane tender, on December 7, 1941. To commemorate the 70th anniversary, there will be an event today at 11am at the Richard Stockton Service Area in Hamilton. Read the powerful recollections of these veterans by reading the article on

We honor our country’s veterans who bravely served in foreign wars. Click on our Veterans Program Tab to learn more about how we can help them or their widowed spouses receive our NJ senior home care.


More and more baby boomers are getting joint replacements…

December 6th, 2011 No Comments

More and more US baby boomers are getting joint replacements. Even celebrities such as Billy Joel (double hip), Mary Lou Retton (hip), and Jane Fonda (knee) have undergone surgery. Aging boomers want to stay active, rather than living a more sedentary lifestyle as their parents’ generation has done. Adults in the 45-64 age group had more than 40% of the total hip/knee replacements in 2009. Read the full story at


Check out our new Angel Home Care Newsetter…

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The new issue of our “Angel Home Care News” is full of great information related to the holidays. Read these articles specific to the holiday season: tips on how to help seniors feel happier, tips for family caregivers, festive activities that everyone will enjoy, cool gadgets that will make fun gifts, and a delicious cranberry sauce recipe sure to please…and more! Check out this terrific senior care resource by clicking here. Happy holidays to you and yours!