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Home care services for your older loved ones in Mercer/Burlington Counties, NJ

March 28th, 2013 No Comments

Visiting Angels NJ is locally owned and operated—serving families throughout Mercer and Central Burlington Counties in NJ. Give us a call today at 609-883-8188.

Being socially isolated–more than lonliness–may decrease life span

March 27th, 2013 No Comments

A study of over 6000 older people from Britain has suggested that being socially isolated may have an increased risk of dying earlier than those who weren’t isolated. Previous studies had suggested that isolation as well as loneliness increased the risk of death, but this study found that isolation was even more indicative of an early death–regardless of their mental and physical conditions. Read the story on at Read more about isolation and loneliness.

Family Caregivers: Try these springtime pick-me-ups…

March 22nd, 2013 No Comments

Although spring is officially here, there can still be plenty of grey days before the flowers and leaves start to fully bloom (especially here in central New Jersey). If you’re a family caregiver giving elder care NJ, you’re probably ready for some springtime pick-me-ups to cheer your soul. Below are some tips:

  • Smell some spring flowers—when you’re at the local grocery store, stop by the floral department and smell some fragrant spring flowers. Or splurge and buy some for your loved one or yourself!
  • Eat some Easter chocolate—you can’t escape it at stores, so why not indulge in a piece here or there of the mood-lifting confection?
  • Get a bird feeder—this will provide hours of fascination for both you and your loved one!

For more great springtime pick-me-ups, read the article on

Happy First Day of Spring!

March 20th, 2013 No Comments

lilly pulitzer quote spring

From all of us at Visiting Angels NJ — enjoy this first day of Spring! It’s been a long winter, and we’re happy to see signs of springtime at our Mercer and Burlington county, NJ offices.

Alzheimers and related dementia now takes the life of one in three seniors…

March 19th, 2013 No Comments

A new report from the Alzheimer’s Association reveals that one in three seniors die with Alzheimer’s disease or other related dementia. Other findings of the report include:

  • Dementia is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States
  • About 5 million people over the age of 65 have dementia; 200,000 people under the age of 65 have dementia
  • More than 15 million family members and friends of those who have dementia have provided unpaid care to them
  • These caregivers report high levels of emotional stress
  • The disease is on the rise. In the U.S. currently, someone develops the disease every 68 seconds. By 2050, it is predicted to be every 33 seconds

Read the report at the Alzheimer’s Association website:

For NJ elder care Alzheimer’s statistics, download their pdf at

Experiencing sleep troubles? These foods may be spoiling your slumber…

March 18th, 2013 No Comments

Everyone has trouble sleeping on occasion. For family caregivers providing NJ elder care for your older loved one, lack of sleep can be the norm, especially if you’re getting up with them each night. But for those nights you’re “off duty,” the last thing you want is to have sleep disruptions. Sometimes, the cause can simply be what we’re eating each evening.

Foods/drinks to avoid in the evening:

  • Spicy foods–that pizza might be delicious, but you may be paying for it at night with heartburn or other stomach issue
  • Alcoholic beverages–alcohol dehydrates your body and prevents you from sleeping deeply
  • Chocolate–hidden in chocolate is caffeine
  • Energy drinks–these should be avoided not only in the evening but also during the day, due to the high caffeine amounts and the amino acid they contain which increases adrenaline and alertness
  • Smoked meats–bacon, ham, sausage…these contain high amounts of an amino acid which triggers a brain stimulate


Especially for family caregivers: caregiving quote of the day

March 14th, 2013 1 Comment

In honor of family caregivers and of Albert Einstein’s birthday today, Visiting Angels NJ celebrates all family caregivers! Your love and compassion makes all the difference to your loved one!

Interesting reading: our new issue of “Home Care News by Angels” is now available!

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Visiting Angels NJ‘s March issue of “Home Care News by Angels” is hot off the press and ready to read!

In this month’s issue:

Read the March issue today! Read back issues of our “Home Care News by Angels.”

Home Improvements to Prepare Your Home for Your Golden Years

March 12th, 2013 No Comments

Home Improvement Tips As You Age Burlington County, New JerseyIf you’re retired or nearing retirement, chances are you’ve envisioned the rest of your life. Do you want to travel the world with your spouse? Will you finally move close to the ocean and buy a beach house? Are you content with your life as it is and happy to stay in the same home you’ve lived in for decades, hosting weekly family gatherings for your kids and grandkids? No matter what your plan is, it’s unlikely that it includes moving to a senior living facility. In a recent AARP study, eight in 10 baby boomers reported that they want to stay in their current living situation as long as they can. Visiting Angels NJ can help make this possible with assistance from our qualified home care aides, combined with home improvements geared toward the aging in place philosophy.

How can you update your home to ensure that it’s a safe place for you to live for as long as possible? From adding a first-floor bathroom to updating the flooring, there are plenty of ways that you can update your house to make it safe for years to come.

Get Rid of the Carpeting

Is your carpeting ready to be replaced? Instead of getting new carpet in your living room and other high-traffic areas of the home, opt for hard surface flooring instead, such as hardwood or ceramic tile. While you may not have trouble getting around now, you’ll be glad that carpeting isn’t slowing you down when the time comes that you need the assistance of a walker to get around.

Install a Security System

It’s a sad truth, but the elderly are often targeted by burglars. While the aged may be more vulnerable, you can protect yourself by installing a home security system. Many home security systems are affordable with systems as low as $30 per month. Check out reviews of alarm systems online to find one that best suits your needs.

Widen Door frames

Just as it’s important to get rid of carpeting that makes it difficult to scoot around with a walker, it’s equally important to widen the door frames in your home. Buildipedia recommends opening up all doorways to be at least 32 inches wide, so that they are wheelchair-friendly. Even if you don’t eventually need a wheelchair or walker, you’ll appreciate having this extra space to get in and out of the rooms of your home.

Add More Lighting

As your eyesight worsens, it becomes more and more important to have a well-lit home so that you can see things clearly. Add various types of lighting, such as task, overhead and ambient lighting, in each of the most-used rooms in your house. Make sure there’s ample lighting outside your front door and in the interior entryway so you can safely get in and out on dark nights. Opt for multi-bulb fixtures so that you’re not left in the dark when a single bulb burns out.

Renovate or Add a First-Floor Bathroom

As mobility declines, a first-floor bathroom is essential. While it may seem costly to add one, it’s actually less trouble than installing an elevator or using a chair lift to get up and down the stairs. For those who already have a bathroom on the first floor or those who live in a ranch-style home, use this as an opportunity to give your bathroom a much-needed facelift and make it handicap accessible. Get rid of that tub/shower combo and add a curbless shower. If you have trouble getting up from a seated position, install an elevated toilet seat and grab bars on the wall for assistance.

—by Maria Thompson, Guest Author
Maria loves being a full-time freelance writer. She lives and writes with her puppy, Max Ernst.

Today’s inspiration for family caregivers…

March 6th, 2013 No Comments

At Visiting Angels NJ, we love family caregivers! We know how hard you work day in and day out—all out of love for your family member. Today’s encouragement comes from motivational speaker Emory Austin, “Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.”