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Boomers, be aware of financal considerations for your parents’ long term care…

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Financial considerations for Mom and Dad’s elder care in New Jersey and across the country

As scores of baby boomers are preparing for retirement themselves, they are becoming increasingly responsible for the long-term care of their aging parents. MetLife has done extensive research on the subject of aging, including caregiving. The number of family caregivers has risen dramatically in the past 15 years. MetLife’s Mature Market Institute estimates that in 2011, adult children aged 50 and over, comprised approximately 10 million caregivers of an older parent. The amount increased from 12% to 45% from 1994 to 2009. The care provided was assistance with their parents’ ADLs (Activities of Daily Living), including helping them get dressed, bathe, eating assistance, and other personal care assistance. Caring for a parent can be both emotionally and financially draining.

The MetLife researchers have compiled several financial considerations regarding family caregiving.

  • Quitting your job–don’t do it hastily. It may give you more time to be with your parent, but consider the injury it may cause to your retirement funds. Also consider your future work…will it be difficult to re-enter your field after taking a break?
  • Benefits Loss–consider the benefits your job provides, particularly health disability and life insurance, and whether you would be able to do without them.
  • Prepare a budget for caregiving–take a look at the financial costs in your situation
  • Take advantage of free or low-cost services for your parents. Your local Office on Aging is a great place to start (check our list of Local Resources for agencies and elder care services in Burlington County, NJ and Mercer County, NJ)
  • Increase your knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid
  • Know what it costs to have your parent remain at home
  • Obtain professional assistance–Visiting Angels NJ, for example. Our home care aides can help your parents when you can’t physically be there. This can provide a sense of security for both you and your parents.
  • Be on the lookout for financial scams aimed at older people. Warn your parents about not giving any financial information to anyone they don’t know
  • Prepare legal documents–make sure you discuss with your parents the importance having a power of attorney, living will, and will. Consult an eldercare attorney to assist.
  • Don’t forget your own retirement–your own retirement plans should not be forfeited while caring for your parent

Read the US News and World Report article for more information

Identity Thieves Targeting Seniors, Young Adults: Protect Yourself Now

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NJ seniors, beware of becoming targets for identity thieves

The risk of identity theft has never been greater. Each year, nearly 15 million people in the U.S. have their identities stolen, according to Identity thieves are getting smarter, and they are taking advantage of people who are vulnerable to this type of fraud. Fortunately, by learning the facts of identity theft, you can reduce the risk it poses to you and your family.

At-Risk Groups

Thieves prefer to take advantage of the vulnerable. Although anyone can be a victim of identity fraud, there are some groups thieves prefer to target. Young adults ages 18-24 are actually the most at-risk group, according to the Washington Post. They are freer with their personal information, and they take longer to realize that their identities have been stolen.

Seniors are also a high-risk group. Older people are often unaware of what identity theft even is, and are known by telemarketing scammers as easy targets for collecting personal information. Seniors also fail to check bank accounts and credit reports as often as middle-aged people, leaving thieves ample time to take advantage of stolen information.

Everyone Should Be Careful

Everyone hould understand how to prevent identity theft. Most people think of identity theft as a high-tech issue, but even losing your wallet is enough to put you at risk. Consider these stolen wallet facts from

  • Of identity theft victims who were aware their info had been stolen, about 20 percent said it resulted from a lost or stolen wallet
  • Of victims who had money stolen from their bank accounts, 26 percent said it was a result of a stolen or lost wallet
  • Of victims who suffered multiple types of theft, 29 percent said it was a result of a stolen or lost wallet

It does not take the Internet to commit identity theft, even if the digital age does make the crime easier.

Prevention and Detection

Remain aware and vigilant, and train your family to do the same. Identity theft is not always preventable, but you should do what you can to avoid it.

Only give out your information when absolutely necessary. Shred all your documents, and only keep the bare minimum in your wallet. Things like your Social Security card and bank account numbers should stay at home in a secure place, such as a safe.

Don’t enter any personal information on a questionable website. Never give out personal information over email, and don’t follow email links and enter any personal information either.

Check your bank and credit accounts and your credit report regularly. Stopping thieves early is important to prevent significant damage, and you can do so by remaining aware of the status of your accounts.

Remain Vigilant

If you have family members who fall into a high-risk category for identity fraud, protect them through education. Make them aware of what identity theft is and how to prevent it. By adopting the same practices yourself, you can set an example of how to keep your information safe and secure.

—By Jonathan Edwards, Guest Author. Jonathan is a journalist who loves numbers. He covers the insurance, banking and mortgage industry news.

Coloring book shows stylish seniors

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A new coloring book depicting stylish seniors is set to be released in September, “Advanced Style: The Coloring Book.” It’s from the creator of the popular blog “Advanced Style” which shows photos of fashionable seniors taken around the world. The idea is to help promote a positive attitude about aging with younger people, promoting older people as “cool.” The blog’s creator, Ari Cohen, states, “there is so much to learn and appreciate from their years of life experience; old age is something to be celebrated, not bemoaned.” Coloring is an activity older grandparents can do with their grandchildren. The book contains paper dolls, dot-to-dots, and crossword puzzles, as well, and is for ages 1-100. Read more at

Will baby boomers make tricycles cool again?

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Active baby boomers to set trend with recumbent trikes

Tricycles are for preschoolers, right? Think again! As baby boomers age, their bodies may become less able to handle the stress upright bicycles have on their bodies. More and more active boomers are turning to recumbent trikes to replace their traditional bikes. Lower to the ground, these trikes are physically less stressful for those with back, shoulder, knee, and wrist issues. While the trikes are not widely known, a Sacramento bike store owner, Mickey O’Brien, predicts they will become a new trend. With prices ranging between $1,000-$5,000, these trikes have attachments for cameras, mirrors, and smartphones. Recumbent 2 and 3-wheel vehicles account for about 2% of national bike sales. People who ride these trikes are happy not to have to hold their neck in an awkward position. Balance issues aren’t a factor, either. Read more at The Sacramento Bee: Visit to see more models of these recumbent tricycles.

Mercer & Burlington County NJ seniors: stay cool!

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Mercer and Burlington Counties NJ Elder Care Take Precautions For Hot Temperatures

Excessive heat warnings are in effect again for our area. Seniors, especially, should plan to stay out of the heat into a cool place. Senior centers and libraries across the area are open, and offer cool areas to relax, socialize, and/or read a good book. With heat indexes over 100 degrees, it’s important to stay hydrated, so make sure your loved ones are drinking plenty of cool liquid. It’s always a good idea to check on your older neighbors as well. For more heat safety for seniors, read our UV and Heat Safety page.

Not getting enough vitamin D may make your bones age faster…

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NJ elder caregivers: low levels of vitamin D not healthy for bones

A new study at the University of California Berkeley recently published a study which shows a vitamin D deficiency can increase premature bone aging. Aging, brittle bones increase fall risks. The risk of having bone fractures greatly increase the older one becomes, especially for women. According to a researcher at UC Berkeley, 50% of women and 25% of men over the age of 50 will have one or more fractures in their lives after the age of 50. A person receives vitamin D naturally in the sun. To get an appropriate amount, you’ll need to be in the sun about 30 minutes two times per week, without sunscreen. Be cautious about the dangers of skin cancer, however. Other sources are in fortified milk or yogurt, fatty fish, cheese, and egg yolks. Perhaps the easiest way to get the proper amount is through a vitamin D supplement. To read more about the study, go to



New testimonial from a Marlton, NJ family: “I have been very pleased…”

July 11th, 2013 1 Comment

 What Our Clients Are Saying in NJMarlton, New Jersey Home Care Review

We recently received a testimonial from Mr. T. in Marlton, NJ. Visiting Angels cared for his father until health circumstances required his father to be moved into a skilled nursing facility. We are pleased to share his kind words about our service:

“I have been very pleased with the aides provided to us…I am very grateful for the superior care that was afforded my Dad.”

Read the full testimonial…


Visiting Angels NJ home care newsletter is hot off the press!

July 3rd, 2013 1 Comment

A Newsletter for New Jersey Seniors and Their Families

The latest issue of Visiting Angels “Home Care News by Angels” is ready for viewing!

In this issue:

Summer travel tips for seniors, ways to keep your joints healthy (and avoid arthritis), Angel Recipes: Grape and Walnut Chicken Salad, some senior humor to brighten your day, and check out what’s happening at our office lately. Read the July issue…

Happy July! Today is International Joke Day: some senior humor for your Monday…

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Senior humor from Visiting Angels NJ

July 1st is International Joke Day, so we at Visiting Angels NJ wanted to participate. After all, laughter has many social, physical and mental health benefits. Laughter helps ease tension, brings people together, helps diffuse anger, increases blood flow, lowers stress hormones, boosts immunity, and overall improves moods.

How to increase your laughter: Watch comedies on TV or at the movies, share jokes with your friends, play with your children, grandchildren, or pets, engage in fun activities such as board games, table tennis, or bingo, and be around people who are fun.

To read more about laughter’s benefits, visit