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Seniors, be safe this Halloween with 17 Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween safety tips for seniors

Halloween Safety Tips for Seniors

Halloween can be a fun night for seniors who enjoy seeing lively children in a wide array of amusing costumes. For many seniors, however, the masked visitors and constant knocking on the door can be unnerving and frightening as the night wears on. Many older people live alone, and most of these are women, so it’s wise to be prepared for the ghosts, goblins, princesses, superheros, and zombies who will be wandering the neighborhood—regardless if the seniors participate in passing out candy or not. These tips can help.

Tips if you ARE accepting trick-or-treaters:

  • Don’t allow any trick-or-treater or their companions into your home if you don’t know them; no restroom break, no phone calls, etc.
  • Stay in your home when passing out candy
  • Keep your home’s porch, entry way, and sidewalk clear of obstacles and/or decorations that could cause an accident
  • Don’t place flame-lit candles in jack-o-lanterns or other decorations as this poses a fire hazard; use battery operated candles
  • Turn on porch lights and keep the trick-or-treaters’ path well-lit
  • Don’t play spooky or other music outside; keep noise down to remain aware of the surroundings
  • Keep any carved pumpkins outside to avoid smell and bugs in the home
  • Greet the children with a smile and in a friendly manner; don’t be grouchy or negative
  • If you’re only comfortable passing out candy while it’s still light, post a sign in your yard letting trick-or-treaters know your candy-passing-out hours
  • Keep pets in another room before opening the door
  • Let Visiting Angels send a “Halloween Greeter” to your home on Halloween night. Our home care Angels can open the door and pass out candy while you have the fun of seeing your costumed visitors; our Angels will provide peace of mind while letting others know you’re not alone

Tips if you ARE NOT accepting trick-or-treaters:

  • While turning ON your porch light is the universal symbol of “this home is giving out candy,” a dark home may be a signal to vandals that no one is home; use your discretion based on your neighborhood whether to leave a light on or not
  • Consider placing candy on your porch, rather than giving it out yourself, with a sign that says, “Happy Halloween! One candy per person, please” (if you do this option, leave your porch light on)
  • Also consider giving candy to your neighbors to pass out for you; if you do this, place a sign on your door that states “Candy for this home is being given out next door”
  • To avoid being home during trick-or-treat hours, plan a get-together with friends or family
  • If you enjoy seeing children in costumes, but don’t want to pass out candy, check out your local senior center, library, shopping mall, community center, house of worship, etc. for community activities in which to participate
  • Never leave a person who has dementia or physical limitations at home by themselves on Halloween as they may be sensitive to noises/unfamiliar faces

Facts About National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s an important month to educate others about how to detect breast cancer and to fundraise money for its research. Here are some interesting things about Breast Cancer Awareness Month that you may not know.

Its History

The American Cancer Society partnered with a pharmaceutical company in 1985 to encourage more women to get mammograms, as this test is one of the most effective ways to detect breast cancer early. The pink ribbon didn’t get its start until 1993, when the company Estee Lauder established a breast cancer research foundation. Since then, the pink ribbon has been synonymous with the fight against breast cancer.

Men Can Have Breast Cancer, Too

Breast cancer is generally thought of as a women’s disease. In most cases, it is. However, men can develop breast cancer, too, although it is rare.

Ways to Help

It’s important for survivors, their families and anyone else that wants to help contribute to breast cancer awareness to know that there are things that you can do. First, it’s important that you take care of yourself and your family by encouraging those around you to conduct self exams on their breasts and to get regular mammograms. Detecting breast cancer early is one of the best defenses against the disease.

Second, you can contribute money to research through a non-profit organization, such as Susan B. Komen, to ensure that researchers have the resources that they need to develop cures and to conduct trials. You can also promote awareness by going on a charity walk, buying products that give portions of their revenue to research (or the families of those with breast cancer) or volunteering with an organization dedicated to fighting cancer. These are just some of the ways that you can help the fight against breast cancer this month, though there are many others.

At Visiting Angels NJ Senior Care, we care about our seniors and their families. Make sure to take the time this National Breast Cancer Awareness Month to schedule a mammogram and encourage others to do so, especially if you’ve been putting it off.

Take a look at the October issue of our newsletter!

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October Home Care News by Angels

Our monthly newsletter features articles of interest to those interested in senior care and also their family and friends. In the October issue

Read the October issue today.

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October’s Outstanding Employees

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Spotlighting October Home Care Employees

We’re happy to announce our October “Angels Who Soar.” This month we are featuring two outstanding employees, Joel J. and Josephine B. We appreciate these hard-working Angels!

Joel J. has been a loyal Angel since 2014. He’s been doing an excellent job on a very unique and challenging assignment recently. He continually represents Visiting Angels very well with his professionalism and positive attitude!

Josephine B. is a newer Angel who has been with one of our clients since his first day of service in February. Josephine demonstrates calming patience with difficult situations. The family has recognized this and has remarked, “Josephine has the patience of a saint!” The family really appreciates Josephine and her help with their father.
Thank you, Joel and Josephine!