5 Medication Safety Tips for Seniors

June 9th, 2015 No Comments

Multiple Medications

Multiple Medications May Cause Dangerous Interactions

Many people over 65 take multiple medications. Keeping them straight isn’t only important for the compartments of your pill container, it’s also important to be aware of any conflicting side effects they may have with each other. Studies have show that up to 30% of hospital admissions for older patients can be linked to medication complications.

  • Bring a list of all your medications to every health care professional you see; include over-the-counter meds, vitamins, and supplements
  • Use the same pharmacy for each prescription; it may help flag drug interactions
  • Read each medications’ information and side effect warnings
  • Take each medication regularly and exactly as prescribed, for as long as prescribed
  • Contact your physician and/or pharmacist before you stop taking medication if you experience side effects

Remember, you are in charge of your own healthcare. Ask questions of your healthcare professional. Learn all you can about your medications. Knowledge is power!

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