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How to help seniors enjoy the holiday season: read these 6 great tips…

December 24th, 2014 No Comments

6 Great Tips to Help Seniors Enjoy the Holidays

Older adults have special challenges during the holiday season–the holidays can be an emotional drain as well as a physical drain. Depression, confusion, and stress can come calling. Below are some tips on how to help seniors through this potentially tough time.

  • Reminisce: Get out the photo album, listen to old records, watch family movies, tell some stories of holidays past. Sharing memories can be powerful for the aging adult.
  • Plan for Alone Time: Set aside a room or area in which the senior can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the family.
  • Include the Elder: Try to include the senior in as many family activities as they can handle, such as setting out flatware, folding napkins, and other helpful tasks. This will give them a sense of purpose.
  • Connect: Since loneliness can cause depression, it’s very important for seniors to connect with others during the holiday season. Go out of your way to visit and talk with older people in your life.
  • Get Some Sun: To avoid seasonal affective disorder (SAD), increase seniors’ exposure to outside light.
  • Make New Memories: Older adults love having something to look forward to, so plan to make some new memories with them.

For more holiday tips, visit our resource page on Stress-Free Holidays.

Healthy Aging in New Jersey

September 30th, 2014 No Comments

Healthy Again at Visiting Angels Home Health Care Agency in New Jersey

Healthy Aging Habits All Year Long

Healthy Aging Month may be coming to a close, but providing pointers for an optimistic outlook and lifestyle will continue all year. September’s theme of Healthy Aging Month was to draw attention to practical, positive ideas that focus on growing older. Inspiring adults over 50 to reach for physical, mental, social and financial well-being, Healthy Aging Month reminds us that we can age gracefully, with style while maintaining good health.

Healthy aging in New Jersey might include:

  • Staying physically active by getting daily exercise – exercise helps keep you strong and helps prevent falls.
  • Staying socially active – maintain your friendships and club and church attendance. Take walks with a friend to strengthen your body and your friendship!
  • Staying sharp mentally – do puzzles and brain-teasers; dabble, as an article in McCall magazine put it: “Live your life as if it were an endless smorgasbord.  Dabble in this, and dabble in that.  Dabble in cooking, in canning, in knitting.  Dabble in bird-watching, old-book collecting, stained-glass window making.  Dabble in dance, and dabble in rodeo.  Dabble in bowling.  Dabble in cyberspace and inner space, and leave plenty of space to dabble at dabbling.”
  • Scheduling – schedule and keep regular doctor visits, including annual physicals and needed health screenings.
  • Sleeping – get enough.  We seem to require less sleep as we age, but we still need those 8 hours of beauty rest.

As we age, we may come to need more assistance with everyday activities, and this may include taking advantage of Visiting Angels’ home health care services.

Visiting Angels provides services that enable older adults to stay safe and healthy in their homes when full-time medical care is not required. When you need us, we come to you—weekends, weekdays, and holidays. Personalized care tailored to meet your needs includes:

  • Housekeeping and help with everyday tasks
  • Help with dressing, grooming, and bathing
  • Personal care assistance
  • Running errands and shopping
  • Preparing and serving meals
  • Caring for pet companions
  • Sharing laughter and friendship

Competent care and professionalism combine to place Visiting Angels at the top on the list of New Jersey in-home care providers.  You or your family members are in good hands with our Angels. We want you to recognize that Henry W. Longfellow was right when he wrote, “age is opportunity no less than youth, though in another dress.”  For quality homecare assistance services for adults, seniors, and elder loved ones, contact us today at 609-883-8188.

Check out our latest home health care ad to appear in Marlton, NJ…

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Visiting Angels Ad for Home Care in New Jersey

Check out our latest home health care ad, which is set to appear locally in Marlton, NJ area homes. If your loved one is needing personal hygiene care, housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders, someone to do errands or shopping, and friendly companionship, We Have An Angel for That! [Reference Visiting Angels' TV commercial "There's an Angel for that" campaign]. Give us a call today to learn more about our senior care services.

How can you care for your loved one when you’re so far away?

February 25th, 2014 No Comments

Long-distance care for your parents in New Jersey

In the U.S. today, people tend to live apart from each other. At some point in their lives, your parents, grandparents or another loved one may need someone to take extra care of them. The National Institute on Aging estimates there are approximately 7 million people who are caring for their loved ones over a long distance.

How do you determine if they need some in-home care assistance? Ask these questions:

  • Does mom need help with walking?
  • Has dad’s physical and/or emotional health been in decline?
  • Can grandma prepare a nutritious meal for herself?
  • Are mom & dad able to manage bills and other finances?
  • Has grandpa been taking his medications on time?
  • Is mom able to drive safely?
  • Does grandma need companionship?
  • Can dad dress and groom himself?

Planning and preparation is key. It’s important to have a family discussion about their care (just be sure your loved one is included in the discussion!). Also, prepare necessary legal and medical documents should there be an emergency. List their medical professionals, hospitals, pharmacies, and any medications they may take. Studies show that as people age, we do better when we remain in our own home. A home health care company close to your parent’s home, such as Visiting Angels in New Jersey, can provide peace of mind to both the care recipient as well as the far-away family member. Home health care employees will come to your parent’s home, helping them with meal preparation, personal care, medication reminders, friendly companionship, and more.

8 warning signs that your parents may need help with their finances…

December 27th, 2013 No Comments

8 Warning Signs Your Parents Need Help with Their Finances

If you’re like many baby boomers who are concerned about their senior parents’ financial situation, you’re not alone. Would you recognize warning signs that they may need some help handling their money? Below is a list of 8 signs that may warn you of their need for some extra help:

  • 1. Do you see mail unopened accumulating?
  • 2. Are they becoming forgetful with cash?
  • 3. Are they receiving calls from creditors?
  • 4. Do they bring home expensive purchases?
  • 5. Are their gambling habits becoming excessive?
  • 6. Have they become victims of financial scams?
  • 7. Do they complain about how much everything costs?
  • 8. Are they physically unable to pay their bills?

If your parents are showing any of these 8 signs, you may need to intercede. Have a conversation with them and express your concerns. Having a neutral third party may make the conversation easier.

Honoring Veterans on Veterans Day

November 11th, 2013 No Comments

Visiting Angels Honors Veterans on Veterans Day

Visiting Angels would like to thank all Veterans for their service and sacrifices. We are forever grateful!

We are pleased to honor veterans every day. We provide qualifying Veterans and their widowed spouses with NJ home care at no out-of-pocket cost—well before they are awarded their Veterans’ home care benefit. See our Veterans Page for more details on our special Veterans Program.

Visiting Angels on TV…check out our new commercial!

August 19th, 2013 No Comments

Visiting Angels Senior Home Care rolls out new TV spot

Have you seen Visiting Angels’ new TV commercial yet? Two baby boomer women discuss the concerns over being a family caregiver of an aging father. Does your parent need help with cleaning, doing laundry, shopping, errands, and cooking? There’s an “Angel” for that! A Visiting Angels home health aide can do all this and more. Call us today at 609-883-8188 for your NJ elder care needs.

Check out more Visiting Angels commercials on our TV page.

Celebrate your grandparents today!

September 9th, 2012 No Comments

Happy Grandparents Day from Visiting Angels!

Grandparents Day — read more about this special day in which we honor our elders.

New issue of “Home Care News by Angels”…

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The latest issue of “Home Care News by Angels” is ready for viewing! In this issue…

  • Home Safety Tips
  • Gadget Corner
  • What Summer Gatherings May Reveal About Your Loved Ones
  • Senior Humor
  • Fruit and Peanut Butter Dip Recipe
  • What’s Happening At Visiting Angels

Read this month’s Home Care News by Angels issue today!

Family caregivers: take a vacation!

June 6th, 2012 No Comments

Summer’s almost here, and it’s time to start planning your vacation! If you’re a family caregiver for your mom or dad, and worry they may not be OK left alone, let our professional, licensed CNAs or CHHAs at Visiting Angels NJ home care stay with them while you’re away. We can be with them for several hours or even stay with them 24/7. Both you and your parent will have peace of mind. Call us to discuss options for your NJ elder care…and enjoy your vacation!