Electric lift chairs can be a big help for those with limited mobility, but always keep safety in mind…

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Electric lift chairs are made especially for those who have limited mobility, which can be a great help in helping seniors retain their independence. They can help people slowly and gently rise from a sitting position to a standing position; this is also helpful to NJ elder care caregivers when assisting. Most look like a normal recliner and fit well with any decor. There are two common types: a two-position and a three-position. A two-position chair will help the person stand from the sitting position and partially reclines; the three-position reclines completely so a person can sleep in it with feet raised above heart level, if desired. For those wanting to add features, they can choose warming and massage units built-in.

While these chairs can be terrific, as with any equipment, there are safety issues to consider:

  • If the person has dementia, they may not know how to work the chair’s controls. It’s necessary for someone to be with them to assist.
  • Some with dementia may be frightened by the movement of the chair, so it’s important to let them know what will happen before the movement begins.
  • A person’s height must be taken into consideration when choosing the size of the chair. For example, a shorter person with a larger chair would be lifted too high. Conversely, a smaller chair and larger person wouldn’t be lifted high enough.
  • If the chair has a warming feature, make sure it’s not set too high.
  • Before operating, make sure the chair is the correct distance from the wall.


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