Healthy Aging Month: Promoting Personal Responsibility for Your Health

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Healthy Aging Month

In our youth-obsessed culture, the normal aging process is viewed as something to be fought or pushed back as long as possible. But contrary to popular belief and cultural myths and misconceptions, a healthy and active lifestyle is not exclusive to the young. In order to raise awareness and help to encourage healthy living and active lifestyles at every age, September has been designated Healthy Aging Month.

Make Healthy Living a Priority at Every Age

The goal of Healthy Aging Month is to highlight the benefits that come with getting older, and to inspire adults over the age of 45 to embrace the aging process by making health and overall well-being a priority. As people live and work longer more than at any other period in human history, it makes sense to focus on and shed some light on the best ways to stay healthy, focused, happy and energized past the age of 30.

Healthy Aging Magazine recommends a number of quick and easy perspective shifts that can help you embrace your age and live your best life wherever you happen to be on the aging scale. Whether you have been exercising regularly for years or are ready to get up and move for the first time in decades, it’s never too late to get started.

Healthy Aging for Seniors

Staying active and engaged physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially is especially important for seniors, who can be especially vulnerable to loneliness and social isolation, which can in turn increase the risk of health problems and cognitive decline. From getting regular exercise to picking up new hobbies and skills, an active lifestyle and focus on healthy aging is especially important for older adults.

Elder care services are a great way for seniors and their families to get the care and support they need for everything from help with common household chores and errands to medical and recreational care.

For more information about personal and home care services for seniors, contact Visiting Angels by calling 609-883-8188 to learn more about our programs in New Jersey today.

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