“It was qualities that run deep in her person; not something she was just doing for us”–testimonial

June 14th, 2012 No Comments

Our Visiting Angels’ RN supervisor recently submitted an observation of one of our dedicated aides:

“I wish to acknowledge the excellent job Messie M. did in taking care of our client, Ms. T, a young woman dying from cancer. Messie was gentle and considerate; she went into the case with grace.

It was a very delicate, challenging situation and there was a great need for help. Ms. T’s sister was the only close relative and was caring for our client while also working. Messie had to be flexible and fill-in with ever-changing work hours to help the two sisters. They were very appreciative of the way Messie not only was there for our client, but she also did everything she could to make it easier around the house for both sisters.

But these efforts are not only why I am writing you. It was the words of not only the sister of Ms. T, but also of a friend that impressed me. The friend, of her own accord, wanted to make me aware of the compassion and gentleness with which Messie cared for our client. The friend said, ‘it was qualities that run deep in Messie’s person and not something she was just doing for us.’ How wonderful for our clients to have such high-quality aides to help them.”

–Marilyn W., RN for Visiting Angels NJ senior care

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