5 holiday gifts ideas older seniors won’t put away in a closet…

Useful Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

How many times have you heard your older parents or loved ones say, “I don’t need anything, so don’t buy me any gifts this year”? While it may be they truly don’t NEED anything, you still want to give a holiday gift. Giving gifts is a way we show our love and appreciation, and gifts are a tradition of the holiday season. However, practically speaking, you know they have enough “stuff” they no longer have room for—or no longer have any use for. Ultimately, the challenge is: what can you give them that they won’t put away in a closet the day after they open the gift?

5 holiday gifts older adults can really use:

  • The Gift of Your Time: You can be creative with this gift. Think about places or events they’d like to visit. Perhaps a trip to the movies, the mall, to dinner, or a concert or Broadway show. The main thing is to spend time with them. Create gift coupons or wrap tickets in a box they can open.
  • The Gift of Warmth: Are your loved ones always cold? Warm blankets, soft throws, comfy slippers, and cozy socks are all gift ideas that will be welcomed during the cold winter months, especially here in New Jersey.
  • The Gift of Safety: A personal emergency response device is a great gift for a senior who lives alone. Your mom, for example, may not have gotten one for herself thinking she shouldn’t spend the money for the service. She probably also doesn’t want to admit to anyone that she’s fearful of falling in her home. However, if she receives it as a gift, it’s something she will appreciate (whether she admits it or not!).
  • The Gift of Interest: Magazine subscriptions of topics they enjoy, crossword puzzles, word-find books, and jigsaw puzzles (if they have room) are all gift ideas which help keep seniors’ minds active and interested.
  • The Gift of Help: If your older parent or loved one doesn’t already have extra assistance at home (elder care), consider sending “Angels” to help. Our home care Angels will help with housekeeping, prepare meals, help with shopping and errands, as well as help with hygiene and grooming assistance if needed. Visiting Angels’ aides also provide assistance with walking and will remind your loved ones to take medications. And perhaps best of all, our Angels are there to provide friendly companionship to help ease loneliness and ward off depression during those short winter days. Our aides can encourage seniors to stay both physically and mentally active.