5 Ways to Show Your Love: No Words Required

5 Ways to Show Your Love Without Words

Are you one of those people who just isn’t comfortable sharing your innermost loving feelings with your older parents or loved ones? Conversely, maybe your older loved ones come from a background where they are uneasy hearing you express loving feelings toward them. Either way, when you want to convey your love for a person without speaking a word, these nonverbal tips may help.

  • Put a smile on your face as you’re talking. Smiling helps put both you and the person with whom you’re talking at ease. Frowns and intense expressions can be off-putting. It’s not easy to be in a bad mood when you’re smiling.
  • Try to “mirror” what the other person is doing. If you’re both having dinner together, for example, raise your glass at the same time as your loved one, or rest your hands in a similar manner. Try to be subtle about copying their behaviors, though. You don’t want them to think you’re poking fun at them.
  • When you’re talking with your loved one, give them a gentle touch. A light touch on the arm or back can convey calming reassurance. It doesn’t have to be long-lasting or unnatural, but the recipient will feel a special connection.
  • Give big hugs. This is especially true for those who have dementia. Quick movements can startle them, so a good five-second hug will feel comforting to them.
  • Look directly into your loved one’s eyes. When you hold a gaze for more than three seconds, the other person will feel appreciated and cared for. It shows the other person that you’re interested in them and what they are saying or doing.

Regardless of how you express your love, the important thing is to do it! Your loved one will be grateful.