Older Americans Month 2017: Age Out Loud

Older Americans Month 2017: Age Out Loud

Older Americans Month: Age Out Loud

We’ve heard that 60 is the new 50, 70 is the new 60, and so on. What that means is that for many folks who are advancing in years, they look to this time as phase of life to begin again. Their interests, dreams, and goals can become fresh and new. Getting older today means eliminating outdated perceptions and living in a way that is best-suited for you. For example: If former preseident George H.W. Bush can celebrate his 90th birthday by skydiving, you can realize your dreams at any age!

For 54 years, Older Americans Month has been designated as a time to celebrate older Americans’ stories and contributions. The annual observance gives a unique chance to learn about, support, and acknowledge our country’s older citizens. “Age Out Loud” is this year’s theme. It shows the ways in which older adults live every day with boldness, passion, and confidence—all while inspiring people of all ages.

At Visiting Angels, we are happy to spread the word about Older Americans Month, to promote how New Jersey’s older adults are redefining what it means to be older —taking charge of their health, staying independent for as long as possible, and helping the community through advocacy projects.

Participate in Older Americans Month in your area

Contact your local Area Agency on Aging to learn about activities and programs geared for Older Americans.

  • Mercer County Office on Aging: Phone: 877-222-3737
  • Burlington County Office on Aging: Phone: 877-222-3737

To contact local New Jersey senior centers about the programs they offer, see our Mercer County Senior Resource page or Burlington County Senior Resource page for contact information.

Check out our downloadable information sheets!