Depression Masking as Dementia


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Memory Screening Questions
Tips for Helping an Older Person Who Is Depressed
Understanding the Difference Between Dementia and Depression


Defeating Depression in Older People

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Describes what makes depression different in the lives of older people. Read about causes, signs and ways you can help your older loved ones defeat depression.


Web Resources:

Click the links below to access resource Web sites to find out more about Depression Masking as Dementia.

Includes a scale to differentiate between depression and dementia and how to receive help.

Mayo Clinic
Provides information about treatment options for both Alzheimer’s and depression.

Interactive tutorial that is a self screening tool that can be used to assist in determining if depression is present and how best to proceed if it is.

Alzheimer’s Association
Provides an informative comparison of Alzheimer’s and depression.

National Guideline Clearinghouse
Information from a study describing characteristics that increase the risk of depression and some recommended tests for screening.
MedlinePlus is the National Institutes of Health’s Web site for patients and their families and friends.