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Gadgets, products to help seniors and elder caregivers

Our Gadget Corner features unique products which have extra benefits for the older population.*

Wrap-It Heavy Duty Storage Straps

These heavy duty straps will help you organize all the loose cords, hoses, garland, and other lose items around your house. Each nylon strap has a hook-and-loop closure and metal grommet that you can use to hang your items. Visit for more information and to watch a video demonstration.

EZ Moves Furniture Slides

EZ Moves furniture slides help make moving furniture much easier. Simply place a slide under each corner of your furniture and slide the item across the floor. Works on carpet and hardwood. Visit for more details.

Kuhn Rikon Classic Snips

Kuhn Rikon’s Classic Snips can be used in the home or garden. The spring loaded design makes for easy cutting. Cuts through meats, bones, shrubs, plants, cardboard, plastic clamshell packaging, wire, and more. The blades are self-sharpening. The handles are ergonomic and easy to grip. These snips can be used in either right or left hand. Visit for more information and to watch a video demonstration.

Loctote Flak Sack    

The Flak Sack is an extremely tough theft-resistant drawstring pack. It’s slash-resistant, lockable, has RFID protection, and is water-resistant. Perfect for that day at the beach, at the pool, or on a cruise when you’re away from your lounge chair. Simply lock the bag closed or to any secure object and leave it without worrying about it being tampered with or stolen. Visit for more details. As seen on SharkTank.


Gardening couldn’t be any easier with Seedsheet! Select your favorite variety such as Grow Your Own Herbs, Grow Your Own Hot Sauce, Grow Your Own Salads, etc. Each Seedsheet has a variety of organic nonGMO seeds. Simply place the Seedsheet on a container of soil and water. Soon you’ll have a garden of healthy foods! Visit for more information and to watch a video demonstration. As seen on Shark Tank.

2-Pocket Banjees Wrist Wallet   

If you want to go somewhere without taking a purse or bag, this wrist wallet is an efficient solution. Great for traveling, exercising, quick trips, amusement parks, sporting events, etc. Holds cash, keys, credit cards, IDs, passport, and most cell phones. Visit for more details.

Fidget Cube

The Fidget Cube is perfect for those who tend to fidget or who have anxiety, such as those who have memory issues/dementia. With 6 sides, you can click, glide, flip, breathe, roll, and spin. All these actions will help you focus and relieve stress. Visit for more information and to watch a video demonstration.

Silicone No Mess Cooking Utensils by Lori Greiner   

Are you tired of your utensils falling into your pots and pans? These dishwasher safe, unique utensils (set of 4) have a bent handle that stays put on the side of a pot or bowl. The silicone handle also remains cool to the touch. To learn more and to watch a video demonstration, visit

Large Digital Day Clock

The American Lifetime DayClock is 8″ tall and has a high resolution digital display that is easy to read. It’s great for those who have memory loss or vision impairment. The clock shows the the day, time of day, time, and date. It includes multi-function alarms. Set up to 5 daily alarms, with the option of reminders to take medications throughout the day. Visit for more information.

Miracle-Gro Roll N’ Kneel 4-in-1 Garden Stool w/ Cover    

Gardening season is just around the corner, and the Miracle-Gro Roll ‘N’ Kneel will make gardening easier. Use the lightweight helper to sit, kneel, or scoot. Inside, the large storage compartment keeps all your gardening tools safe and secure underneath the locking latch lid. It even has a built-in smartphone stand for your convenience. To learn more and to watch a video demonstration, visit

Magic Mattress Lift

Do you find it difficult to change your bed sheets? Magic Mattress Lift can help you lift up the mattress, making it easier to pull the fitted sheet over the mattress using both hands. The spring assisted device, which holds 50 lbs on each corner, remains folded under your mattress until you need it again. There are 2 units per package. Visit for more information.

Easy to Read Dot-to-Dot Books   

Dot-to-dot puzzles aren’t just for kids! These books can provide hours of fun. You’ll be amazed at the images that will be formed as you advance from one dot to the next. Once the puzzle is complete, it becomes an adult coloring book. Go to and search for “large print dot-to-dot” books.

Safe Grabs

If you’ve ever burned yourself on a bowl in the microwave, Safe Grabs is for you. This product is an easy grab and will change your kitchen experience forever. SAFE GRABS™ has so many uses; Splatter Guard, Trivet, Placemat, Jar Opener, Pot Grabber, Food Cover, Utensil Rest, Funnel, Kids Plate, Sink Drain Cover, Turntable Protector, etc. Visit for more information.

Get Up and Go Cane 

The Get Up and Go Cane was designed by an orthopedic surgeon to make getting up easier by balancing weight for those who have back issues. It features a pivoting lower support handle, a standing base, a built in light, and easily folds for convenient storage. Go to for more information and to watch a product demonstration.

Anker Compact Car Jump Starter and Portable Charger

The Anker Jump Starter and Portable Charger not only will jump start your car easily and safely, it will also charge your smart phone and tablet. Comes with 2X USB charging ports and an emergency light. Compact and lightweight to fit into your glovebox. Visit for more information.

Aqua Dog Portable Water Mug for Dogs      

Aqua Dog is a portable automatic water mug that’s a bowl and a bottle in one! Simply fill the Aqua Dog container before your trip. When your dog is thirsty, squeeze to fill the attached bowl and watch as he easily drinks! When finished, just release to drain the water back into the bottle. No mess, no spills! Go to for more information and to watch a product demonstration.

Baseboard Buddy

Cleaning your baseboards can be a painful task if you have a bad back or other mobility challenges that prevent you from bending down. With Baseboard Buddy, the telescoping handle will allow you to glide the microfiber pad along the baseboard with no bending or stooping. Visit for more information.

Handy Heater      

Handy Heater is a portable heater that you can take with you from room-to-room. Simply plug into a wall outlet and adjust to the temperature you prefer. Heats up to 250 square feet. Perfect for those areas which never seem warm enough–at home, the garage, your office, etc. Go to for more information and to watch a product demonstration.

Lay-N-Go Bags

No more digging through your toiletry bag or putting your toothbrush on a hotel counter. Once finished, pull the drawstring and the kit is converted back into a completely sealed pack that can be stowed away. Bags come in many colors and sizes to hold a range of items from cosmetics to computer accessories to toys. Visit for more information.

Flip-It Cap      

Stop wasting money by throwing away the last bit of thick product such as shampoo, syrup, and lotion in your bottles! The simple Flip-It!® cap system allows you to support your bottles of product upside down so that gravity pulls the product to the opening, and as soon as you need product, it’s ready to come out. Go to for more information and to watch product demonstrations.


The UpCart will make moving heavy items much easier–especially when going up or down stairs or on uneven terrain. The unique 3-wheel design gives stability. Visit for more information and to watch a product video.

Over-the-Washer Shelf    

Want to make doing laundry easier and more organized? A shelf over the washer can provide extra storage space in a convenient spot. Search the internet or go to for choices.

Cooling Towels

It’s really hot outside! A cooling towel will help you cool off fast. Simply run water through one of these special towels, wring it out, and snap it. It will get cool immediately. Perfect when doing gardening, yardwork, golfing, and any other outdoor activity. Visit and search for “cooling towels” to see a variety of choices.

Air Fryer   

Do you love fried food but want to eat healthier? An air fryer is a great alternative to cooking food which is traditionally fried. Circulating hot air adds a crispy touch to your favorite fried foods, and requires little to no oil depending on your taste preferences. Search the internet or go to for many choices of air fryers.

Brella Bag Hands-Free Umbrella

The Brella Bag umbrella lets you go hands-free! How many times have you struggled in the rain with your umbrella when your hands were otherwise occupied with a shopping cart, a walker, bags, a pet, etc? With this hands-free umbrella, you’ll be singing in the rain! Visit for additional product details.

Sarah Oliver Handbags

Every Sarah Oliver handbag is hand-knitted in the U.S. by seniors known as The Pearlettes. The website states, “At Sarah Oliver Handbags, we believe in applying the strength of the for-profit business model to empower and enhance the lives of seniors….Sarah Oliver Handbags is committed to empowering seniors by re-engaging them in the American economy.” Featured on SharkTank. Visit for more information.

Hasbro Joy for All Companion Pet

JOY FOR ALL Companion Pet cats look, feel and sound like real cats. But they’re so much more than soft fur, soothing purrs and pleasant meows. These animals respond to petting, hugging and motion much like the cats you know and love. This two-way give-and-take helps create a personally rich experience that can bring fun, joy and friendship to you and your loved ones. Perfect for those who cannot take care of a pet any longer, but who long for a furry companion. Visit for additional product details and to watch a video demonstration.

Simply Fit Core Workout Board         

This easy-to-use workout board–backed by Shark Tank‘s Lori Grenier–will help improve your balance and will help tone your core, tightening your abs and legs. Simply place on the floor, stand, and twist. It’s lightweight and is easily stored. A workout DVD is included with purchase. Visit for more information on this product.

Spear Head Spade Garden Shovel       

This garden shovel was designed by an 85-year-old who wanted to continue his passion for gardening despite his physical difficulties. The shovel’s unique design penetrates roots and tough, rocky soil and helps reduce effort by up to 80%. Visit for more information on this product.

Stander™ EZ Fold-N-Go Walker

The EZ Fold-N-Go Walker is perfect for stress-free traveling. It weighs less than 8 lbs, but supports up to 400 lbs. It folds 4x smaller than an average walker to easily store in your car, shopping cart, or discreetly by your side when not in use. Fits through narrow doorways and tight spaces due to its smaller base. Visit  for additional product details and to watch a video demonstration.

BackJoy SitSmart     

BackJoy SitSmart is designed to improve posture and relieve back pain. It helps align your spine and may be taken with you as go from car to office to stadium, etc. Visit for more information on this product.

Roto Clipper Electric Nail Trimmer 

The Roto Clipper Electric Nail Trimmer is perfect for those who have dexterity issues. It allows you to safely trim and file your nails. Visit for additional product details and to watch a video demonstration.

Shoe SlotzShoe Slotz

Have you thought about getting a shoe rack, but have too many shoes for the space? Shoe Slotz promises to double the space by uniquely stacking each pair of shoe. Simply slide one shoe into the bottom compartment and place the matching shoe on top; the non-slip design holds both firmly in place. Visit for more information on this product.

Touchless trash canNine Stars Touchless Trash Can
This 13.2-gallon trash can is motion activated. Simply wave your hand over the lid and wait for the lid to rise automatically. There is also a ring which hides the garbage bag. Visit for additional product details.

kohler lighted toilet seatKohler Nightlight Toilet Seat  
A lighted toilet seat is a unique idea, promoting safety when navigating in the dark. The Kohler toilet seat with Quiet-Close technology has two separate LED bulbs that illuminate the toilet with a soft glow. Great idea for seniors, children, or anyone who needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Visit for more information on this product.

Grab Bag Insulated Grab Bag 
This Insulated Grab Bag is perfect for grocery shopping trips. The bag keeps foods cold or hot for up to 5 hours. It’s a generous size that will fit many of your favorite products, but folds after use to fit in your glove box. It’s also a great alternative to flimsy plastic bags, holding up to 40lbs. Visit for additional product details.

Kangaroo Keeper Purse OrganizerKangaroo Keeper Purse Organizer  
This purse organizer allows you not only to keep items in your purse neat and organized, it’s also portable, allowing you to change it from purse to purse. There is even a style which contains a light which illuminates the contents. Visit for more information on this product.

Chair exerciserChair Exerciser 
This exercise product is perfect to use with any chair with this innovative resistance band exerciser. Tone and strengthen arms, shoulders, and chest muscles right in the comfort of your own home. Simply attach the base to any chair with the durable straps, have a seat, and use the resistant bands in various ways to target different areas. Visit for additional product details.

FunBites Food CutterFunBites Food Cutter 

FunBites Food Cutters not only can make eating more fun, but also easier. Many times older seniors have difficulty eating large bites of food. Or, they may be finicky and not choose larger food items. This food cutter makes food less intimidating with small bites. Comes in different shapes, as well. Visit for more information.

Gadget Grab Mobile Device StandGadget Grab Mobile Device Stand 

Do you get tired of holding your tablet or phone? Arthritis, weak wrists, or a general need to be hands-free are all great reasons to get a Gadget Grab. Simply place your device against the cling pad. It’s guaranteed to cling tightly, but doesn’t leave sticky residue on your device. Go to  for additional product details.

Ring Video DoorbellRing Video Doorbell        

Answer your door wherever you are with Ring’s video doorbell, along with your smartphone. With wide angled HD video, smart motion detection, and cloud recording, it’s like you’re home even when you’re not. Easy installation, too. Visit for more information.

Car CaneCar Cane

A Car Cane will help you to get in and out of your car with ease by quickly latching in your car’s door jam. It provides leverage to lift yourself up out of your car’s seat and holds up to 350 lbs. Perfect for those suffering from knee, hip, and back pain. Sturdy design also has a flashlight. Perfect for tall SUVs or low compact cars. Go to for additional product details.

Colorama Coloring BookColorama Coloring Book for Adults        

Relieve stress with the Colorama Coloring Book. With over 100 designs, this will help you relax. Great activity for people with Alzheimer’s or other dementias as well. Visit for more information.

Oxo extendable tub tile scrubberOXO Extendable Bath & Tile Scrubber

You no longer have to get on your knees to scrub your tub and tile with the Extendable Tub & Tile Scrubber from Oxo. It extends from 26″ to 42″ with a quick twist, making it great for everything from floors and tubs to glass shower doors and tile walls. Go to for additional product details.

Tree DedicationGive a Tree Dedication       

Trees for a Change is a tree dedication service. Instead of sending flowers for a special occasion or to a funeral, a designated tree gift is planted in national forest which has been devastated by fire. Your recipient will be sent a card and a link to an online map of the forest’s location. The service also includes an online name registry. Visit for more information.

Hurricane Spin MopHurricane Spin Mop

Stop bending over to wring out your mop. The Hurricane Spin Mop is foot operated–it easily rings out your mop with a spinning motion, without bending. The mop head itself is washable for years of life. Visit to learn more.

Table Mate portable trayTableMate® Adjustable Table       

The TableMate Adjustable table adjusts to 18 different positions: 6 heights and 3 angles. Easily slides under your sofa, bed or chair, allowing you to eat, play cards, use a computer, read, do crafts, etc. When you’re done, just unfold it and slide it under your furniture. Visit for more information.

ShurLok key lockboxShurLok® Key Lockbox

Protect yourself and your home–don’t leave your key under a mat or in a flower pot. Instead, try a ShurLok Key Lockbox. Simply set a combination and place your key in the secure area. Give visitors the combination to gain entry. The combination is easy to change when you decide to change it. Perfect for Visiting Angels’ clients. Visit to learn more.

Worx AerocartWorx Aerocart      

The Worx 8 in 1 yard cart promises to make your gardening easier. More than a wheelbarrow, it’s also a handtruck & extended dolly, a plant/stone mover, leaf bag holder, and more. Visit to see a product demonstration video.

Retro Phone BankRetro Phone Coin Bank

This retro coin bank appeals to nostalgia lovers who appreciate classic design. This bank is a miniature version of the dial phone, and is made of polyresin. Visit to learn more.

SimpleHuman Touchless Trash CanSimpleHuman Touchless Trash Can   

SimpleHuman’s touch-free sensor trash can opens automatically with just a wave of your hand, so throwing trash away is quick, efficient, and hassle-free. It also features a multi-sense technology that reacts and adapts to your behavior so it won’t open/close unexpectedly. The innovative trim ring grips liners tightly so they don’t slip then flips up for easy bag change. It’s also very lightweight and easy to clean. Visit to learn more.

Outdoor stepWeather Resistant Outdoor Step      

This oversized outdoor step will help those with limited mobility. The large platform helps a person stand steady and cuts the step height in half for greater ease in climbing. It’s also lightweight and can be used both inside and outside. Visit for more information.

Jasmine Oil DiffuserJasmine Aroma Diffuser  

The Jasmine Aroma Diffuser by Stadler Form gently diffuses essential oils combined with water into the air for a spa-like feel (and easier breathing). Visit to learn more.

NatraCure Plantar Fascitis SocksNaturaCure Plantar Fasciitis Hot/Cold Therapy Socks     

NaturaCure adjustable hot/cold therapy socks for plantar fasciitis helps attack foot pain on two levels: compression and temperature. Visit for more information.

Oxo Good Grips Cord CatchOXO Good Grips Cord Catch 

This OXO Good Grips Cord Catch will help keep your unplugged cords accessible. It’s stylish, heavy enough not to slip, and doesn’t damage your furniture. Great for those electronics that need charged frequently. Visit to learn more.

Glow Cap Electronic Pill ReminderGlowCap Electronic Pill Reminder    

GlowCap® fits most prescription bottles and uses light and sound reminders to signal when it is time to take your medications. Inside the cap, a chip monitors when the pill bottle is opened and wirelessly relays alerts, through the AT&T Mobile Broadband Network, to you or your caregiver. Visit for more information.

Delk Frost GuardDelk FrostGuard Windshield Screen    

With winter weather comes frost on your vehicle’s windshield. Save time and your strength with this screen. This product is especially good for those with limited mobility. Simply attach the FrostGuard screen to your vehicle’s side mirrors and easily remove after snow or frost appears. Visit for product info. Watch a product video on

Compress Containters OXO Good Grips POP Containers   

OXO Good Grips POP Containers not only help you keep your kitchen organized with their square shapes, but they’re super easy to open as well. They have a unique push-button handle on each lid which creates an airtight seal. Visit for product information.

heated shoesRechargeable Heated Insoles

ThermaCell rechargeable heated insoles will keep your feet warm use after use. These innovative insoles contain imbedded lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Unlike chemical packets, they can be reused over and over–and aren’t hot to the touch. You can even set the thermostat to medium or higher heat via a remote control. Visit to read more about the product.

Elastic shoelaces Elastic Shoelaces      

Elastic shoelaces allow you to turn any shoe into a slip-on. Great for those with arthritis and/or back problems. These laces will decrease your need to bend down to tie laces. They come in many different colors and varieties, as well. Visit or do an internet search for elastic shoelaces.

record player Stereo Turntable with  AM/FM Radio

This stereo turntable does exactly what you want it to do–play your beloved records (33, 45, or 78 RPM). It also has an AM/FM radio. Great looks with simple controls! Visit to read more details.

Oxo tea kettle OXO GOOD GRIPS Uplift Tea Kettle: Anniversary Edition

OXO, a company known for its ergonomic products, has introduced a gorgeous tea kettle with a cork handle for easy gripping and resists heat. The spout opens automatically–no levers to pull or buttons to push. Visit to see specs and ordering information.

Camera Leather Retro Digital Camera with Look-Through View Finder

This retro camera looks low-tech, but is actually a high-tech 16 megapixel point-and-shoot digital camera. Familiar looking and easy to use. A great gift for the senior in your life. Go to for more details.

Lighted Pill Box Lighted Pill Box

This beautiful lighted pill box is a great inexpensive gift! Functional yet attractive, this lighted pill box outshines others. The light makes pills easy to see. Perfect stocking stuffer! Go to to purchase.

Motion Activated Light Motion Activated Light

No more stumbling out of bed in the dark! This light senses movement and automatically turns itself on. Great by the bed or in a hallway. It features adjustable brightness control, a timer, and auto-shut off. Go to for more details.

Sabi pill container Sabi Pill Containers

Sabi has taken pill containers from ugly to stylish. No longer does your daily ritual of taking supplements or medicine need to be dispensed from a drab product. They’ve designed a whole line of products from pill splitters to pill containers with an attached water bottle. Their “Folio” model is shown–it looks like a designer notepad, but reveals a week’s worth of pills inside. See the complete line at

Drawstring tool Drawstring Tool

We’ve all had trouble with drawstrings slipping to the back of our sweatpants or PJs. With this nifty tool, you’ll no longer have to use safety pins to work the drawstring back through the hole. It also has other uses such as pulling clogs from drains and grabbing wires/jewelry from hard-to-reach places. Visit

Peep hole viewer Brinno Electronic PeepHole Viewer   

Brinno electronic PeepHole viewer turns a tiny peephole into a 3″ LCD display. You’ll never have to strain to see who is outside your door. Easy to install and use. For more information go to

Electronic Crossword Puzzle Dictionary

This Merriam-Webster crossword puzzle dictionary is perfect for the serious crossword puzzle solver. Why keep a heavy book around when you can have reference at your fingertips? Featuring a thesaurus as well as a crossword puzzle dictionary, plus several word games built in. Perfect for those without internet access. Visit to read more.

OXO no-spill ice cube tray OXO No-Spill Ice Cube Tray

This new product from OXO will revolutionize ice cube trays! This tray allows you to fill with water and freeze on its side, if you’d like. Visit for more information.

emPower! eyewear emPower!™ Electronic-Adjusting Eye Wear

emPower! is the first electronic-focusing eyewear. The glasses adjust according to your movements. You can also control the focus with a slide switch on the frame. Go to for details.

AquaJogger AquaJogger® Bouyancy Belt

Just in time for summer pool fun! The AquaJogger allows you to be suspended in water at shoulder level. You can breathe normally, your hair and face won’t get submersed, and best of all–this belt allows you to tone your abdominal muscles with low-impact exercise. Visit to watch a video and for more information.

Lawn Bowling Set Front Porch Classics’ Lawn Bowling Set

This classic lawn bowling set is outdoor fun for the whole family! The set comes with 10 wooden milk bottle pins and a water-resistent carrying bag. The retro design is reminiscent of a more innocent time. Go to to learn more.

Golf gloves Bionic Silver Golf Gloves

Created by an orthopedic hand surgeon, and awarded the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use Commendation, these fine leather gloves will help make Dad’s golf swing go farther and faster! Visit for more information.

playing card holder Playing Card Holder 

Another great item for Dad! This playing card holder will relieve arthritic hands so he can keep a poker face. Cards will rest firmly on the table, last longer, and corners won’t bend in this holder. Go to to learn more.

Dyson fans Dyson Air Multipliers (Bladeless Fans)    

These sleek, stylish fans have no blades or grilles. Dyson fans are safe for the grandkids, easy to clean, and don’t cause annoying buffeting. Visit for more information.

Magic Opener Magic Opener®

The Magic Opener to makes it easier to open any kind of cans with tabs or bottles with pop-off or twist-top caps. Great for athritic hands. Go to to watch a product demonstration.

Magic Tap Touch Dimmer Magic Tap Touch Light Dimmer:

This handy product dims your lamp as well as turning it off and on. Perfect for those with arthritis or for lamps placed in awkward-to-reach locations. Visit for more details.

SafeHip SafeHip® Hip Protector 

SAFEHIP® is a unique product worn by people prone to hip fractures. Each hip protector disperses the energy as one falls. Several types are available for every lifestyle, from active to sedentary, and may be worn on the outside or inside of clothing depending on the style. Visit for more information.

Remote Tek Pal Universal Remote  

Do all the buttons on your remote confuse you or your loved one? This Tek Pal Big Button remote from Tek Pal may be the answer. This universal remote has 6 large lighted buttons. Go to for more information.


Remote Zadro Nano Handheld UV Disinfection Light Scanner

This product uses a UV-C light which eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, mold, fungus and viruses from most surfaces in only 10-seconds. Handy purse size makes germ-killing easy and convenient! Visit for more information.

Ergo Motion Mouse Maxell Ergomotion Mouse

Carpal tunnel and arthritis sufferers will appreciate the ErgoMotion mouse which rocks, swivels and pivots. It keeps your hand and wrist from having repetetive stress injury since they are never in a fixed position. Go to to see a product review.

Sneaker Glide Walker Sneaker Glides:

Add some whimsey to sterile walkers! These fun walker glides are functional as well as fun. Go to for more information.

Digital measuring cup Digital Measuring Cup and Scale: 

This is an all-in-one easy-to-read kitchen helper! This digital measuring cup measures both dry and ingredients with accuracy. Check out for a closer look.

Loc8tor Light

Loc8tor Lite:

Never lose your keys again! The Loc8tor Lite’s tracking device will quickly help you find your lost keys, remote wallet, even people and pets. Go to to read more.

retro handsetRetro Handset For Your Cell Phone:

Everything old is new again! This retro handset plugs into your cell phone, reducing cell phone radiation and makes hearing easier. Even Hollywood stars have been seen using it! Go to for details.

DumbbellsDog Walker’s Dumbbells

Get an upper body workout while walking your best friend! This leash/dumbbell combination is perfect getting in a quick workout. Click on to read more.

cell phone sanitizer VIOLight Cell Phone Sanitizer:

Think about all you touch everyday–all those germs from your hands end up on your cell phone. VIOLight’s unique UV sanitizer safely eliminates those germs on your phone, and also can be used for your other devices such as iPods, earbuds, and Bluetooth headsets. Visit to learn more.

Brag Bag Digital Slide Show Brag Bags:

Want to show off the latest snapshots of your grandkids, your latest vacation pics, or photos of Fido–without taking out your photo album? This purse is for you! This bag is both stylish and practical as well. Go to for details.

LoJack SafetyNet Bracelet LoJack SafetyNet Tracking Device:

LoJack, makers of the theft prevention device for your car, has developed a product that will track your loved one who wanders. The tracking software is embedded in a band the person can wear on their wrists or ankles. Visit for more information.

Fred the humidifier

Fred the Humidifier:

Good for skin and air–With dryer weather headed our way, it is beneficial for every home to have a humidifier. “Fred” is one of the sleekest humidifiers on the market! Visit to learn more.

Invisia Collection Soap Dish Invisia Collection Grab Bars:

Need the added safety of grab bars in your bathroom but don’t like the utilitarian look and feel of traditional grab bars? The Invisia Collection is just for you! The collection features “a series of luxurious bathroom accessories that also happen to be grab bars hidden in plain sight,” according to the Invisia Collection’s website. Visit to see the entire collection.

StrideLite Umbrella StrideLite Lighted Safety Umbrella:

This isn’t your ordinary umbrella! It not only keeps rain off your back, but also keeps your path lighted with high-intensity light, providing visibility at night for over a quarter mile away. Called a “Best Bet” from Seattle Business Magazine and featured on the Today show. Visit to learn more.

OXO lotion dispenserOXO Big Button Soap/Lotion Dispenser:

 No more slipping or mess! The OXO Good Grips Big Button Soap and Lotion Dispenser features a big, soft, non-slip button for easy dispensing. The top has a large opening for no-mess refilling; just unscrew the top to access. It’s constructed of stainless steel, holds up to 14oz of soap or lotion, and for stability, has a non-slip base. Visit for more details.

Arthritis Garden Gloves Bionic Garden Gloves:

These garden gloves were developed in conjunction with an orthopedic hand surgeon, especially for arthritis sufferers. These gloves provide extra support and mild compression to help reduce pain and discomfort from swollen and sore joints. Visit for more information.

LightWedge BookLight:Lightwedge

This is a book light unlike any other! LightWedge attatches to the side of the page, providing bright, even LED light throughout the page. Perfect for reading in bed, in cars, and anywhere extra light is needed. Visit to read more.

smart cartdbest Collapsible Smart Cart:

Stylish and Sturdy! The Smart Cart is an easy-to-use collapsible rolling cart, convenient for anyone on the go. It has smooth gliding wheels for easy maneuverability, weighs less than 3 lbs, carries 110 lbs, and folds to just 2 inches for convenient storage. Visit for more information.

Gator GrabberGator Grabber:

Tired of back-breaking yard work? Gator Grabber helps you pick up almost anything without bending straining your back. Go to for more information and to see it in action!

VIOlight Dental Spa

VIOlight Dental Spa:

This handy device utilizes UV light & sonic waves for amazing cleaning results. Its dual action cleans and sanitizes dentures, bite plates, retainers, whitening trays, sports mouthguards and more. Learn more and watch a product demonstration at

Cool Touch Bowl

Cool Touch Microwave Bowl:

Don’t burn your fingers again! The Cool Touch Microwave Bowl consists of two bowls nested within each other. The inner ceramic bowl evenly heats your food while the insulated plastic bowl remains cool to the touch. Search for “Cool Touch Microwave Bowl” online.

Oven Thermometer

Oregon Scientific Grill Right Wireless Talking BBQ/Oven Thermometer:

This thermometer audibly announces when your meat is at the proper temperature…in five languages! Visit to read more.

Leveron Door Knob Lever

Leveron Door Knob Lever:

The Leveron Doorknob Lever Adapter is a universal door knob lever adapter; it will fit all door knobs regardless of size or shape and on either side of interior or exterior doors. For more information, visit

Lamp Switch KnobBig Lamp Switch:

The Big Lamp Switch knob is 2 inches in diameter and has three large spokes which help to create more leverage for turning lamp switches. Simply unscrew and remove your regular switch and replace with this one. Visit



No more burned fingers when boiling, blanching, or steaming food! This silicon, dishwasher safe gadget is flexible, non-stick, and easy to use. For more information and to watch a product demonstration, visit

Toasty Toes Heater

The Toasty Toes Ergonomic Heated Foot Rest:

Are your feet always cold? This safe, low-watt heated footrest will provide relief as it warms your feet and legs. Visit for more information.



Provides assistance for seniors getting in and out of an automobile. Simply roll down your window and put the end of the CarCaddie strap around the top of the window frame. Then snap the buckle in place, adjust the handle height, and roll up the window. Made of durable, long lasting nylon. The rubber cushion grip provides a comfortable gripping surface. The buckle has an ergonomic design making it easy to open and close. Visit for more information.

One Touch Can Opener

One Touch Can Opener:

With just one touch, this can opener automatically opens your cans in seconds. It will work on any size can whether small, medium or large. Opener cuts from sides so it doesn’t leave any sharp edges. Great for those with arthritis or carpal tunnel. Visit for product information.

Electric Rabbit Corkscrew

Electric Rabbit Corkscrew:

Ring in the new year and other occasions with this electric corkscrew. No more wrist strains–just push a button and the screw twists into the cork. Then, without any leverage or tugging, the rechargeable-battery operated device pulls the cork out. It comes in three stylish colors. Visit to see product information.

Moshi Alarm Clock

Moshi Voice Control Alarm Clock:

With the Moshi VC Alarm Clock, you are in complete control by using the voice activated commands-no more complicated settings requiring pressing buttons. This affordable clock has 12 voice activated commands: Time, Set Time, Alarm, Set Alarm, Alarm Sound, Turn off the Alarm, Sleep Sound, Play Sleep Sound, Today’s Date, Temperature, Night Light, and Help Menu. Visit for product information and to watch a product demonstration.

Electric Assisted BicycleElectric Assisted Bicycle:

These amazing bicycles will help you stay fit, without adding extra strain. You pedal, but with battery-powered electric assistance, allowing for easier hill climbing and more enjoyment while riding. for a closer look.

Lamp Flashlight LED Lamp and Flashlight by Daylight™:

This uniquely designed portable lamp doubles as a flashlight. Great for travel and emergencies, it’s battery-powered and provides 6 hours of full-spectrum bright Naturalight™. Visit for more information.

The HurryCane

The HurryCane

The HurryCane is a lightweight, collapsible, pivoting, lightweight folding cane. “The Cadillac of canes,” says one user. Check it out at

MedFlash MedFlash Personal Health Manager 

MedFlash is a Personal Health Record (PHR) with 1GB of storage. It holds personal medical/lifestyle records and can be used on Windows based computers. Attach it to your keyring for instant access. Visit for more details.


Electric toothbrush

Electric Toothbrushes
Electric toothbrushes can be ideal for someone with arthritis or other mobility issues with the hand. The wider base, combined with the pulsating action of the brush creates less strain as one brushes. A wide variety of brushes and price ranges are available. Philips Sonicare has several, for example. Visit for more information.

Razor-edge Scissors Fiskars® Easy Action™ Razor-edge Scissors    

These scissors earned an Arthritis Foundation® Ease-of-Use Commendation. With their spring-action and comfort grip, they make cutting much easier. To learn more, go to

electronic pill reminder smElectronic Pill Reminder

For those who have challenges remembering when to take pills, this electronic pill reminder is for you! This case allows you to set up to seven alarms each day, and also provides a reminder if you’ve missed a dose. It has seven compartments which altogether can hold 100 pills. Caregivers and older seniors can rest easy knowing the reminders will sound and vibrate when it’s time to take medication. Visit for product information.

Auto Drop smAutoDrop and AutoSqueeze Eye Guide and Bottle Squeezer

Do you always miss your eye when putting drops in your eye? The AutoDrop and AutoSqueeze products are here to help! The base helps guide the drop directly into your eye, while the squeezer promotes a steady drop with better pressure. These products were designed to be used without assistance from another person. Visit for more information.

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