Immunization Awareness

MOST_Banner_VisitingAngels_Sept09_FluVacinationDownloadable Tools and Tips:

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Steps to Protect and Improve Health: An informative list of preventative health measures
Flu and Pneumonia Vaccination Myths: Common myths that deter people from getting vaccinated

Web Resources:

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Vaccines over 65
Vaccination information for people over the age of 65.

Flu Vaccine
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides key facts and useful information about seasonal flu vaccinations.

Pneumococcal Vaccine
The Immunization Action Coalition offers a detailed Q&A page explaining and educating on the pneumococcal vaccine.

Shingles Vaccine
Important information concerning the shingles vaccine.

Shots for Safety
The National Institute on Aging provides information on vaccines important for keeping seniors healthy.

Staying Healthy at 50+
Downloadable posters help those aged 50 and older take action to stay healthy by following daily steps to good health, getting screening tests, and taking medicines to prevent disease.