Living With and Caring For Cancer

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Chemotherapy Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Getting Help With Your Caregiving Responsibilities

How to Help Someone Diagnosed With Cancer

Web Resources:

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Cancer Caregiver Checklist
The American Cancer Society offers this checklist for caregivers of cancer patients to help identify signs of caregiver depression.

Understanding the Diagnosis
WebMD offers an array of information for caregivers to help guide through the journey of caring for a cancer patient.

Caregiving for Your Loved One With Cancer
Downloadable booklet from CancerCare provides support as well as practical ways for the caregiver to help the patient, take care of themselves and cope with the situation.

Caring for a Cancer Patient
Informative advice and tips for caring for a cancer patient and providing good, reliable caregiver support, provided by the American Cancer Society.

Home Care for Cancer Patients
A fact sheet courtesy of the National Cancer Institute offers valuable information about the various services provided by home care agencies and financial assistance available from government, public and private agencies.

Cancer prevention: 7 Steps to Reduce Your Risk
The Mayo Clinic offers some useful tips to reduce the risk of cancer.

Cancer Treatment
The National Cancer Institute breaks down the different types of cancer treatment into easy-to-read sections.

Cancer Types
Find out oncologist-approved information about more than 120 different types of cancer and cancer-related syndromes on

Common Questions About Diet and Cancer
The American Cancer Society answers questions regarding common concerns about diet and physical activity in relation to cancer.

Cancer Caregiver Burnout offers advice for how to recognize and prevent burnout in caregivers of cancer patients.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hospice
Because hospice care can be a confusing and difficult journey, provides the answers to frequently asked questions about hospice services.

What Is Hospice Care?
When it comes to cancer, there are many things about hospice care that sets it apart from other types of health care. The American Cancer Society provides useful information about what hospice is and how it can help.

Mesothelioma Cancer Support
Mesothelioma cancer is a cancer generally caused by asbestos. The Mesothelioma Support Group is a support network and resource for those with Mesothelioma and their loved ones.