Another state legalized “driverless cars”–promising news for seniors who would benefit

October 9th, 2012 1 Comment

California recently approved legalization of a “driverless car,” the third state to do so (Nevada and Florida are the other two states). These cars of the future, developed by Google and major automobile companies, may be the answer for seniors who wish to remain independent, even though they realize they shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a traditional car. While these innovative cars are being developed, advanced technology in current new cars has been beefed up, helping older drivers.

Examples of new technology that helps seniors:

  • Headlights that automatically adjust to improve night vision and decrease glare
  • Emergency response systems enable emergency responders to quickly arrive
  • Rear-view cameras help people see what’s behind them without them having to physically turn around
  • Blind spot detection helps when changing lanes
  • Parallel parking assistance
  • Warning devices to alert drowsy drivers
  • Crash warning systems to alert drivers of an impending collision

For further details, read the US News & World Report story on Yahoo at

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