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Do you have old, unused medicine? How to dispose of it…

May 16th, 2013 No Comments

For those of us in elder care New Jersey, we probably all have unused or outdated medications in our cabinets, but we’ve been warned not to just toss them out. So what’s the right thing to do with our unused drugs?

According to the FDA, precautions should be taken:

  • Don’t flush prescription drugs down the toilet unless the drug specifically says to do so
  • Take the medicine to a community take-back day when one is scheduled
  • If no take-back program is happening in your area and there are no instructions on the label to the contrary, you may dispose of them in the trash. Before placing in the trash,
    • Remove them from their container and mix them in with something unpleasant like cat litter or old coffee grounds; this will make it less appealing to anyone going through the trash
    • Place this mixture in a resealable bag to prevent leakage
  • On empty prescription containers, cross out any information which identifies you and your health condition
  • Never give you own medications to your friends or family
  • If in doubt about how to dispose of any drug, consult your pharmacist

Read more at the FDA: