Have you had “the conversation” (end-of-life wishes) with your loved ones?

October 11th, 2012 No Comments

No one likes to think about the end of their parents’ lives, nor their own, for that matter. Most of us know, especially those in elder care New Jersey, it’s important to have “the conversation” with your loved ones about end-of-life wishes, or to at least get them in writing (80% of people surveyed think they should have their wishes in writing, but only 7% have done so, according to the California Health Foundation). ABC News is partnering with The Conversation Project and is featuring a series focusing on long term care and end-of-life planning. At theconversationproject.org, you can download a starter kit to help get you and your family started. Questions such as, where would you prefer to be when you die?, at what point would you want to stop looking for a cure, and instead focus on being comfortable?, what do you need to do to get your affairs in order?, and many more questions and ideas to ponder. Visit abcnews.go.com/health/conversation to watch videos and learn more.

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