10 Fun and Effective Ways for Keeping a Sharp Memory

May 6th, 2015 1 Comment

10 Strategies for Keeping Your Memory Strong

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Yes, it’s frustrating, but we all have our “senior moments” that we have to deal with. We all lose our thought, we lose our keys, and we fear losing our memory. As we age, we’re concerned with health issues that affect our memory, but the fast-paced, multi-tasking lifestyle so many of us are caught up in causes many of our “can’t remember” moments. Visiting Angels has good news: there are ways to combat this concern.

Just as we can sharpen our kitchen cutlery, we can sharpen our minds. And guess what? The tool for sharpening our minds is FUN. If you’re concerned that senior moments are coming more frequently, or that your sharp memory is less so, then indulge yourself in these activities, and sharpen up with FUN.

10 Fun, Effective Ways to Retain Your Sharp Memory

  • 1.) Stay connected. Friends sharpen us. Family supports us. Get on social media, email, or a video chat and reconnect with long-lost classmates, friends, and/or distant relatives. These connections keep us sharp and keep away depression. Be a social butterfly.
  • 2.) Get into something new. What have you always wanted to do or learn but never found time to indulge your desire? Take advantage of the opportunity now. Try your hand at painting. Learn to crochet. Take piano lessons. Sign up for a class.
  • 3.) Return to what you know. Find your favorite book and reread it. Dance the waltz—again. Learn your favorite songs—again. Put all those precious family photos into a scrapbook. Write another poem. Cook something simple and delicious, and share. Do again what you used to love doing.
  • 4.) Exercise. Take a walk with a friend. Participate in a water aerobics class. Work with weights: start light and work your way up. Ride a bike. Get into a dance class.
  • 5.) Play. Get your friends together and play board games or charades. Put together jigsaw puzzles, or fill in crossword puzzles.
  • 6.) Eat right and stay hydrated. A healthy diet feeds both body and mind. And plenty of fluids are vital to remaining healthy physically and mentally.
  • 7.) Start a gratitude journal. Watch for silver linings, and write them down daily. Writing exercises the brain, and gratitude brightens the attitude.
  • 8.) Avoid multi-tasking. Don’t divide yourself and your mind. Concentrate on single tasks for best results.
  • 9.) Get plenty of rest. Sleep is an important ingredient to staying healthy of body, mind, and soul.
  • 10.) Take advantage of health screenings.  Keep tabs on your blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight numbers. Have the screenings your doctor suggests. Stay on top of your physical condition.

At Visiting Angels, our in-home caregiving employees assist seniors at living independently in the safety and comfort of their own home. When you are looking for high-quality, personal, in-home care from professionals, call Visiting Angels in New Jersey at 609-883-8188. We work with you and your schedule, tailoring a care plan exclusively to fit your needs. Visiting Angels can help help you or your loved ones maintain a sharp mind. Call for information and a free consultation today.

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