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Springtime Activities for Seniors

April 30th, 2013 No Comments

Spring has sprung at Visiting Angels in New Jersey! We’re loving these warmer temperatures and sunny days. Days like these are meant to be spent outside with your older neighbors, friends, and relatives.

Spring Activities for Seniors

  • Walking: Take an older person for a walk outside. While you walk, listen to their stories about what spring was like as they were growing up.
  • Gardening: Simple gardening tasks bring seniors a sense of accomplishment. Whether you’re planting a vegetable garden, or just flowers, get their opinions. If they’re not physically able to help, bring them out to the garden to “supervise” your efforts!
  • Feeding Birds: Watching birds is relaxing and enjoyable…place food into a feeder and watch the birds flock.
  • Arranging Flowers: After flowers are cut from the garden (or purchased from a store), have the senior express their creativity by arranging them in a vase.
  • Browsing Local Nurseries: Spring is a great time of year to explore your local nursery.
  • Visiting a Park: Taking walks in a nearby park helps get your loved one out and about for awhile. A great place to “people watch” and reminisce.


Are you a CNA or CHHA? We’re accepting applications for excellent aides!

April 23rd, 2013 No Comments

We have high standards for our “Angels”! If you are an excellent home care NJ aide and are certified in the state of New Jersey as a CNA or CHHA, go to our jobs page to complete an application.

Thursday’s Inspiration for Family Caregivers

April 18th, 2013 2 Comments

When you live for others, your life becomes more exciting! If you’re a family caregiver of an aging loved one, your life is lived for others on a daily basis. Visiting Angels NJ can help keep you going by providing care for your loved one while you take a time out for yourself. Enjoy your day!

Safe Home Improvements for Aging Parents

April 17th, 2013 1 Comment

As your parents retire and begin to deal with the health challenges that come with age, you may find yourself pondering: “what would I do if something happened and mom or dad couldn’t live at home on their own anymore?” Do you have the extra space to have your parents live with you? Would it be an emotional and financial burden to move them into a senior care facility? How do they want to spend their golden years?

According to a recent study conducted by AARP, nearly all older homeowners surveyed want to stay in their own home for as long as they can. Along with home care NJ, you can help make your parents’ wish to stay at home a safe reality by making the following home improvements:

Update Light Fixtures

A recent article on notes research that shows by age 60, a person needs as much as 15 times more light to see things clearly than they did at age 10. To help your parents get around the house safely, update all light fixtures throughout their home. Replace fixtures with more bulbs or higher wattage capacity. Add wall sconces to light dark corners on the stairs or in the hallway. Get hallway night lights to illuminate the hallway without the glare of bright overhead lighting for late-night bathroom trips.

Install a Security System

Protect your parents from being the target of burglars and install an easy-to-use alarm system. Many systems don’t require professional installation and can be installed with a few basic tools in an hour or two. Find reviews of home security systems online to find which ones are most user-friendly for elderly homeowners. Whichever system you choose, be sure to place the security stickers and signs in prominent places around your parents’ home. Often just seeing evidence of an alarm system is enough to scare burglars off.

Remodel the First-Floor Bathroom

Give your parents’ first-floor bathroom a makeover. As your mom and dad lose some of their mobility, this will be the main bathroom that they use. Make sure it’s outfitted with all of the safety features necessary to prevent a fall and serious injury. Replace that outdated bathtub-shower combination with a handicap-accessible curbless shower that has a built-in bench. Place a non-skid mat in the shower for extra traction. Add a handheld shower head and grab bars inside and outside of the shower. Install grab bars near the toilet as well to provide extra assistance while getting up from the seated position.

Swap Out Door Knobs for Levers

Traditional door knobs can be difficult to use for seniors with arthritis in their hands or limited mobility. As a solution, replace knobs with levered door handles for easier operation.

Replace High-Maintenance Landscaping

For gardeners who adore their lush landscaping, but no longer have the energy to plant and weed the flower beds, eliminating high-maintenance landscaping may be necessary. Instead, plant low-maintenance greenery such as:

  • Boxwood
  • Dwarf Japanese garden juniper
  • Climbing hydrangea
  • Cinquefoil
  • Bird’s nest spruce
by Scott Michaels, Guest Author

Thursday’s Inspiration for Family Caregivers…

April 11th, 2013 No Comments

Visiting Angels NJ knows being a family caregiver can be a tough job. Keep smiling through the tough times!

April is Cancer Control Month…live healthy…get screened…help prevent cancer!

April 11th, 2013 1 Comment

This April, Visiting Angels NJ is highlighting National Cancer Control Month, which raises awareness of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle as well as the importance of having cancer screenings in order to prevent cancer. Read about Cancer Control Month.

New issue of Angel Home Care News is available

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Check out the latest issue of our “Home Care News by Angels” newsletter!

In this month’s issue:

Don’t miss out…read the April issue today!

Study shows costs associated with dementia are more than those for heart disease and cancer

April 4th, 2013 No Comments

Visiting Angels - In The News

A new study shows that costs associated with dementia are more than those for heart disease and cancer, the number 1 and 2 killers in the U.S., respectively.

A comparison in 2010 dollars:

  • Dementia $109 billion
  • Heart Disease $102 billion
  • Cancer $77 billion

These costs include not only medication, but the more costly elder care that those with dementia need. A patient with dementia can live many years after being diagnosed. About 75% of people over 80 who have Alzheimer’s will eventually be in a nursing home or need full-time in-home care. Compare this with only 4% of the general population needing nursing home care. The study took lost wages by family caregivers into account, as well. Read more on ABC News’s site:


Boomers, are you confident you’ll have enough saved for retirement? Many aren’t…

April 2nd, 2013 No Comments

A new study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute has shown that 28% of U.S. baby boomers report they don’t have confidence they have enough money saved for retirement. With advances in medical care, people are now living longer. As a result, the need  for long term care, such as home care NJ, has increased. These costs should be part of financial planning for retirement. 18% of boomers stated they are now planning to retire well after the age of 62–they are now saying they are planning to retire at age 70 or older. Read the Wall Street Journal story at