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Healthy Aging in New Jersey

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Healthy Again at Visiting Angels Home Health Care Agency in New Jersey

Healthy Aging Habits All Year Long

Healthy Aging Month may be coming to a close, but providing pointers for an optimistic outlook and lifestyle will continue all year. September’s theme of Healthy Aging Month was to draw attention to practical, positive ideas that focus on growing older. Inspiring adults over 50 to reach for physical, mental, social and financial well-being, Healthy Aging Month reminds us that we can age gracefully, with style while maintaining good health.

Healthy aging in New Jersey might include:

  • Staying physically active by getting daily exercise – exercise helps keep you strong and helps prevent falls.
  • Staying socially active – maintain your friendships and club and church attendance. Take walks with a friend to strengthen your body and your friendship!
  • Staying sharp mentally – do puzzles and brain-teasers; dabble, as an article in McCall magazine put it: “Live your life as if it were an endless smorgasbord.  Dabble in this, and dabble in that.  Dabble in cooking, in canning, in knitting.  Dabble in bird-watching, old-book collecting, stained-glass window making.  Dabble in dance, and dabble in rodeo.  Dabble in bowling.  Dabble in cyberspace and inner space, and leave plenty of space to dabble at dabbling.”
  • Scheduling – schedule and keep regular doctor visits, including annual physicals and needed health screenings.
  • Sleeping – get enough.  We seem to require less sleep as we age, but we still need those 8 hours of beauty rest.

As we age, we may come to need more assistance with everyday activities, and this may include taking advantage of Visiting Angels’ home health care services.

Visiting Angels provides services that enable older adults to stay safe and healthy in their homes when full-time medical care is not required. When you need us, we come to you—weekends, weekdays, and holidays. Personalized care tailored to meet your needs includes:

  • Housekeeping and help with everyday tasks
  • Help with dressing, grooming, and bathing
  • Personal care assistance
  • Running errands and shopping
  • Preparing and serving meals
  • Caring for pet companions
  • Sharing laughter and friendship

Competent care and professionalism combine to place Visiting Angels at the top on the list of New Jersey in-home care providers.  You or your family members are in good hands with our Angels. We want you to recognize that Henry W. Longfellow was right when he wrote, “age is opportunity no less than youth, though in another dress.”  For quality homecare assistance services for adults, seniors, and elder loved ones, contact us today at 609-883-8188.

Who’s your great-granddaddy? September 27th is Ancestor Appreciation Day…

September 27th, 2014 1 Comment

Ancestor Appreciation Day

Spend Time With Your Older Loved Ones Reminiscing During Ancestor Appreciation Day

September 27th is Ancestor Appreciation Day. Do you know who your relatives are beyond the past two generations? Most of us don’t, which leads to a terrific NJ elder care project you can do with your older relatives: glean all the information you can from your uncles, great-uncles, aunts, great-aunts, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. Look through old photos with them and label the photos. If you’re really ambitious, help create a scrapbook or ancestry log. While doing that, you’ll be sure to hear interesting and sometimes amazing stories about your relatives. As a bonus benefit, you’ll be spending time with your older relatives; they’ll feel appreciated and loved knowing someone cares to hear about the “old days.”

Exciting news is coming to Visiting Angels in New Jersey! Stay tuned…

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Exciting News is coming to Visiting Angels in NJ

Exciting News is Coming Soon to Visiting Angels in NJ!

Stay tuned to social media to be the first to hear about our thrilling home health care office news.

Did you wash your hands? This is National Clean Hands Week…

September 22nd, 2014 1 Comment

National Clean Hands Week

September 21-27 is National Clean Hands Week. Whether you work in the New Jersey elder care industry or not, it’s important always to be aware of the cleanliness of your hands. With cold and flu season just around the corner, we should all be especially careful about maintaining clean hands!

These may seem common sense, but just when should you wash your hands?

  • After using the restroom facilities
  • At the beginning and end of each work day
  • After touching surfaces that are contaminated
  • Before and after using gloves
  • Before eating, smoking, or touching medications
  • After wiping your nose or touching your face
  • Before preparing or eating food
  • After handling an animal
  • Before and after treating a cut or injury
  • Before and after helping someone who is ill

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Princeton, NJ area: looking for a fun family activity this weekend?

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Princeton, NJ’s Terhune Orchards’ Kick off Fall Family Fun Weekends

Pumpkin field in autumn

Create fond family memories with your older loved ones and your children by participating in shared activities this autumn!

Grandparents With Grandchildren Holding Football OutsideSeptember is a wonderful time of year in New Jersey! This weekend in the Princeton, NJ area, Terhune Orchards is kicking off its Fall Family Fun Weekends.* People of all ages–from seniors to small children–will enjoy participating in or observing various events such as taking pony and wagon rides, seeing barn yard animals, pumpkin picking, viewing a pumpkin and mum display, wine tasting, shopping the farm store, and listening to live music. You won’t go hungry, either. The event features soup, chili, hot dogs, pork sandwiches, homemade fruit and pasta salads, pies, apple cider donuts, apple cider, caramel/candy apples, and more!

September 20-21, 10am to 5pm and continues every weekend until the first weekend in November.

Terhune Orchards
330 Cold Soil Road
Princeton, New Jersey

Visit for more information.

*Visiting Angels does not endorse or recommend any particular products, events, processes, or services. Products, events, processes, or services highlighted are for informational purposes only.

Are you a healthy-ager?

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September is Healthy Aging Month

Getting older doesn’t have to be all bad! That’s what Healthy Aging Month is about—celebrating life over 50. Staying physically active, keeping sharp mentally, remaining socially active, and being financially fit are four aspects of Healthy Aging Month. Check out tips for all these categories on our Healthy Aging Month page.

Did you know that September is “National Eat Chicken Month”?

September 9th, 2014 1 Comment

Benefits of Eating Chicken

September is “National Eat Chicken Month.” September or year-round, chicken has many health benefits and deserves the celebration! If you’re a caregiver in NJ elder care, you want to serve the most nutrition-packed meals to your client or loved one. Make chicken a part of a healthy diet.

  • Chicken is a great source of protein — helps develop muscle
  • Rich in Niacin — niacin is a B-vitamin which helps prevent cancer
  • Helps relieve depression — eating chicken will help your brain’s serotonin levels increase, helping you feel less stressed and helps your mood
  • Helps prevent bone loss — the protein in chicken will help build strong bones and help prevent osteoporosis
  • Low in Fat — white meat chicken is low in fat
  • Rich in Vitamin A derivatives — helps keep your eyesight healthy with retinol, lycopene, and alpha and beta-carotene
  • Rich in Phosphorus — phosphorus is a mineral that helps your central nervous system, bones, teeth, kidney, and liver
  • Rich in Selenium — selenium is a mineral which aides thyroid, metabolism, hormone, and immune function
  • Affordable — one of the most affordable meats
  • Rich in B-complex vitamins — helps increase energy levels, keeps healthy blood vessels, and keeps your metabolism going
  • Heart Healthy — consuming chicken breasts helps suppress and controls the amino acid homocysteine levels; high levels can cause cardiovascular disease
  • Rich in Vitamin B12 — vitamin B12 helps keep your skin healthy

For chicken recipes, check out our Angel Recipes page.

For a longer life, your waist size should be half your height

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Tape Measure

Can waist size determine your longevity?

In the news this week: a new study by City University London has reported that a simple measurement around the waist can help determine if you will live to an average age. If your waist size is at least half your height, you should live to the average life expectancy–about 81. If your waist size is over half, you’re at risk of losing months or years, depending on your age, gender, and waist size.

How to measure your waist: without breathing in, measure between your lowest rib and hip bone.

One of the researchers, Dr. Margaret Ashwell, advises people to use the waist measurement/height method rather than BMI (Body Mass Index). She believes it’s a more reliable predictor of poor health and obesity.

Whether you use BMI or waist measurement, being overweight isn’t good for you or your older loved one’s health. Take time each day to do at least 150 minutes per week of moderate activity. Moderate activity includes walking quickly, swimming, house cleaning, etc.

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Aging in Place – With Help From A Visiting Angel

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Home Health Care in New JerseyAging in Place in New Jersey

America is aging. The 85-and-older population is expected to more than triple by 2050. AARP research reveals that more than 90% of those seniors want to stay in their own home as they age.  They’re comfortable in their community and surroundings, and intend to age in place where they feel safe and secure.

Extra Living Assistance At Home

But sometimes situations arise when these hardy home-bodies need some assistance as they face a difficult physical situation. They may need help with daily activities while recovering from a hospital stay. Perhaps recuperating from an illness or injury has made it hard to handle the day-to-day routine without help. If this describes your loved one, you’re seeking a solution that meets the needs of your family member and keeps her or him in their home.

Leaders in Home Care

Visiting Angels is a leading national home care company, helping senior adults remain in the safely and security of their own home by bringing personalized home health care services to those in need. As an in-home care provider, Visiting Angels offers compassionate assistance with personal care and individual in-home support. We offer peace of mind to families by extending warm, professional, knowledgeable, and exceptional care to your loved one.

Peace of mind comes when we sit down together and discuss your need and answer any questions you may have. We explain Visiting Angels’ services and develop a personalized plan that meets your need. Continuing assessment and adjustments are made throughout to ensure your need is being met.

Peace of mind comes with our carefully screened and selected Visiting Angels’ home care employees. We endeavor to select an experienced Angel who meets your approval and your loved one’s favor. Trusting friendships often grow between seniors and our home health aides.

Maintaining Senior Independence at Home

For top quality home health care for seniors in New Jersey, call 609-883-8188 today. At Visiting Angels, our goal is the same as yours for your loved one: to help seniors live full lives at home by preserving independence and dignity while providing the assistance of home health care as required following injury or illness. Visiting Angels provides case-specific solutions to ensure that your loved one can remain in the comfort and security of her or his own home while overcoming physical or other difficulties.

With the growing number of older people in the United States, you are not alone in facing the critical decision of helping your loved ones with their desire to continue to live in their own home. When in-home senior care is the solution for your family, contact Visiting Angels. We are your invaluable in-home care resource.

September’s ‘Home Care News by Angels’ Newsletter available

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Visiting Angels’ Home Care News by Angels: September Issue

September is here: school is in session, autumn is on the horizon, and our latest newsletter is waiting for you!

In this issue:

Read the September issue today!