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August’s “Angel” Employee Spotlight

July 31st, 2017 1 Comment

Visiting Angels Outstanding Employees August 2017

Outstanding Visiting Angels Employees August 2017

We appreciate and value our home care field employees! Every month we spotlight them as Angels Who Soar. This August, we are highlighting Lyndsey B. and Monica B.

Lyndsey B. recently celebrated her 2-year anniversary with Visiting Angels. We so appreciate her loyalty to both our company and to our clients. She’s a very compassionate aide and goes out of her way to make sure every client is well taken care of!

Monica B. is well-liked by every client she services. She’s always willing to help the Care Management Team and accepts additional assignments with very short notice. We especially love that she always has a big smile on her face! She recently started service with a client; the client quickly gave feedback that he likes her very much and believes it will be a long-term association!

Congratulations and many thanks to Lyndsey and Monica!

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8 Ways to tell if your family member is feeling lonely or isolated

July 27th, 2017 No Comments

Lonely womanLoneliness and Isolation Pose Serious Health Threats to Seniors

Family get-togethers are perfect times to take note of your older family members’ behaviors that signal isolation or loneliness. Is your older parent or other older loved one struggling with loneliness or isolation?

How to tell if your family member is feeling lonely or isolated:

  • 1. Your family member experienced a loss of a family member or close friend recently, either by death or by relocation
  • 2. Your family member often complains that they don’t have any friends, that they miss a deceased friend or spouse, that they never go anywhere, that they have no one to talk to, etc.
  • 3. Your family member consistently shows signs of depression, such as being irritable, not sleeping, not having an appetite, not doing things they used to enjoy, etc.
  • 4. Your family member doesn’t eat well, or doesn’t eat enough
  • 5. Your family member’s personality has changed; for example, your normally social mother is now quiet and withdrawn; your normally quiet aunt is now emotional and tearful
  • 6. Your family member now gets upset when it’s time to end a visit; they may hug people longer than usual, or shake hands longer than normal
  • 7. Your family member experiences health problems and pains that physicians cannot explain; it may be a subconscious way of getting attention, or it may be a physical response to being lonely
  • 8. Your family member has started having trouble doing regular daily tasks, or has trouble with financial tasks

How to help seniors beat loneliness:

  • 1. Get them to laugh. Watch a TV show or movie that makes them laugh, tell some jokes, share funny stories…laughter will improve their mood
  • 2. Get them moving. Walking or other physical activity for about 30 minutes a day is ideal
  • 3. Introduce them to new people. Talking with someone new is a good way to make connections; it benefits the other person, as well
  • 4. Encourage them to volunteer. Create a list of ideas/places they may like to volunteer; this will give a sense of purpose
  • 5. Persuade them to learn something new. Your local parks & recreation department or community college may offer classes such as tai chi, financial, cooking, etc.

While loneliness can create serious health conditions for older people, it’s a very treatable condition with some mutual effort and encouragement.







Friday’s Funny: Dads in the hospital waiting room

July 21st, 2017 No Comments

Senior Humor

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

NJ: It’s hot out there! Excessive heat warning today, so stay safe!

July 13th, 2017 No Comments

Excessive Heat Warning in NJ

It’s a scorcher out today! There’s an official excessive heat warning for our area (central/south New Jersey) from 11:00am to 8:00pm this evening. The heat index–how it feels outside–will be between 99° and 104°. The hot temperatures, combined with high humidity, combine to create a dangerous environment, especially to the older population. Heat-related illnesses can occur quickly.

What to do:

  • Keep hydrated–drink plenty of water
  • Stay inside where it’s cool–an air-conditioned area is best
  • Check on your neighbors
  • Wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothing
  • Be on the lookout for heat exhaustion or heat stroke

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Visiting Angels’ July Newsletter

July 5th, 2017 No Comments

July Newsletter Visiting Angels

July’s Home Care News by Angels

July is here and we are loving summertime! This month’s newsletter features:

Invest In Your Health and Gain 12 Benefits from Walking Daily; Gadget Corner: Wrap-It Heavy Duty Storage Straps and EZ Moves Furniture Slides; Senior Humor: Baseball in Heaven; July Celebrity Birthdays; Angel Recipes: Pepper Cabbage; Angel Who Soar: Celebrating Our Outstanding Employees Ophelia C. and Kumba G; Client Testimonial: Susan in Bordentown, NJ; How to Beat the Summer Heat While Living With Respiratory Issues; Fourth of July Trivia; Staff Anniversary: Ana B.; July Community Resource Bulletin: Sandwich Generation Month; Happy 4th of July from Max, our office mascot.

Read the July issue today!

July’s “Angel” Employee Spotlight

July 1st, 2017 No Comments

Outstanding Visiting Angels Employees July 2017

We appreciate and value our home care field employees! Every month we spotlight them as Angels Who Soar. This July, we are highlighting Ophelia C. and Kumba G.

Ophelia C. has been one of our very special Angels since 2008. She has been a live-in caregiver employee for the same client for 9 years. She has been an amazing home health aide and has been extremely loyal and hard-working through the years. Ophelia is truly an Angel!

Kumba G. has been with Visiting Angels since 2015. Kumba is always punctual for her assignments and is a natural caregiver at heart. We are happy to have her as a member of the Visiting Angels’ team!
Thank you, Ophelia and Kumba!