6 Mistakes People with Diabetes Can Make with Their Feet

March 26th, 2015 1 Comment

6 Mistakes People with Diabetes Can Make with Their Feet

People with diabetes are more prone to issues with their feet. Keeping your feet healthy means less risk of lower-limb amputation.

If you or a loved one has diabetes, don’t make these 6 foot mistakes:

1. Not inspecting your feet daily. Check for cuts, bruises, changes in toenails (getting thicker or discoloring); all wounds need to be treated immediately and monitored daily.

2. Not walking for exercise. Walking helps a person with diabetes keep a healthy weight while also improving circulation

3. Not having shoes properly fitted when you buy them. Shoes that don’t fit can cause foot pain and blisters. Custom orthotics and socks made for those with diabetes are also available. Visit the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA.org) website for approved footwear.

4. Not keeping your feet covered. For diabetics, going barefoot or wearing sandals is far too risky; your feet may become cut and infected as a result

5. Not having a professional remove warts, corns, and calluses from your feet. Those over-the-counter products are not advisable; you could cause even more skin problems with injury or burns. Leave removal to health care professionals.

6. Not getting a foot checkup two times per year. A podiatrist will help ensure your feet are continually healthy.

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