9 Ways Men Can Avoid Living An Unhealthy Lifestyle

June 2nd, 2015 No Comments

Live Long. Live Healthy. Good News For Men.

Don’t we all want to live long and live healthy? During Men’s Health Month, Visiting Angels has some good news for men, especially seniors. It’s never too late to start living a healthy lifestyle. Aging has brought us to where we are, and we can minimize the negative aspects by adopting healthy choices every day for the rest of our lives.

To continue to live long and live healthy, we need to take care of our health as we age. Here are several things men over 55 can do for themselves along the way.

  • 1. Visit your doctor. Take your meds. Take advantage of health screenings.
  • 2. Eat right. You hear it almost daily, don’t you? And with good cause. Nourish your physical health with good food, nutritional supplements and vitamins. Include fruit, veggies and low fat, healthy proteins on your plate. And be sure to stay hydrated.
  • 3. Stay active. Low-key exercise is still exercise. Walk with a buddy. Swim. Ride your bike. Stretch. Exercise is motivating and reinforces other healthy lifestyle choices. Do something every day that builds muscle and strengthens your body. And use sunscreen when you go on that walk or bike ride.
  • 4. Control your weight. Find your healthy weight and maintain it. Your weight affects other health issues, and you’ll find yourself healthier and happier when your weight is under control.
  • 5. Protect your emotional health. Everyone has a blue day now and then, but if you struggle with depression or feelings of being overwhelmed, seek help. Talk to your family or a friend. Speak to your doctor. There’s a wonderful array of help to be had for emotional well-being.
  • 6. Take a break. Relax. Enjoy a short vacation. Or a long one. Or a mini-vacation right in your home. Do something that makes you happy with someone you love. Play with the grandkids. Go to a ballgame. Attend a performance. A playful spirit is a healthy, happy spirit.
  • 7. Get enough sleep. It seems we wake before dawn as we age, so go to bed early enough to try to get your eight hours of zzz’s.
  • 8. Discard bad habits. Don’t use tobacco. Don’t abuse alcohol.
  • 9. Don’t stress out over things not under your control – and that’s most things, right? Smile often.

Visiting Angels is all about helping seniors live long and live healthy at home. The majority of us want to age in the familiar surroundings of the family home, NOT in a nursing home. Visiting Angels makes that possible. Providing personalized, in-home care every day or whenever you need it, Visiting Angels supports your happy, healthy independent lifestyle. For more information and an in-home visit with a home care professional in New Jersey, call 609-883-8188 today.

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