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In-Home Health Care in New Jersey18 Questions to Ask a Home Care Provider Before Starting Service

You have a huge decision to make and it weighs heavy on you.  Your loved one needs in-home care. Where to start? What criteria do you use to make this important choice?  Someone will be coming daily into the home, taking intimate care of the one who intimately cared for you. Where do you start?

This list of questions will help you in your search for the right in-home care company.  Ask these questions to aid in your knowledge of providers, their services and their reputation. The solution is out there. You’ll find your angel waiting in the wings.

    • How long has the company been serving in the community?
    • Does the company supply you with literature that explains the services?
    • What are the procedures for employee screening?
    • How are the home care employees trained?
    • Are the patient’s home care needs evaluated by nursing staff?
    • Does the provider involve the patient and family members when setting up a care plan, and when the care plan needs adapting?
    • Will you receive a written care plan? Will it be updated with changes when they are implemented?
    • Does a supervisor maintain oversight regarding the quality of care your family member receives?
    • Who is available for the client or family members to call when questions or complaints regarding in-home care arise?
    •  What protocol is followed to resolve any care issues?
    •  Does the company work directly with the family in these cases?
    •  How are financial procedures for expenses and billing handled?
    •  How are emergencies handled?
    •  Are home care employees available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays?
    •  Are the home care aides friendly with positive attitudes?
    •  Is your loved one comfortable with the home care employee?
    •  May services be added as required?
    •  What are the confidentiality parameters for this company?

These questions are not intrusive. You have a right to know the answers to these and any other questions you want to ask. And ask for references of professionals who are familiar with the company’s services. The answers to these questions and reference responses will give you peace of mind concerning the level of professionalism and care your loved one will receive.

At Visiting Angels, professional, excellent in-home care is our passion. We shape a care plan specifically for your loved one. Our highly-trained and state-certified home care employees allow your family members to enjoy the peace and security of staying at home where they are happiest and most comfortable. For help with daily duties, when recuperating after time in the hospital or other healthcare facility or for long-term, in-home care, Visiting Angels has the trained, compassionate staff to meet and surpass your requirements. Call Visiting Angels in New Jersey at 609-883-8188, or contact us on the contact form to the right. There truly are angels out there, and we’ll bring one right to your home. Call us today for a consultation.

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