April is Distracted Driving Month. Make YOUR pledge today to go cell phone-free!

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Hands free not risk free
Provided by The National Safety Council

Distracted Driving in New Jersey

Think going hands-free is “safe enough” for driving? Although it’s legal in New Jersey to drive using a hands-free device (earpiece, dashboard, speakerphone) with your cell phone, consider these statistics:

  • 26% of all car crashes involve the use of cell phones
  • 94% of car crashes involve driver error
  • When talking on or using hands-free or hand-held cell phones, drivers can miss up to 50% of their surroundings–other drivers, people walking or jogging, children, bicyclists, etc.
  • Think speaking a text is better than typing? Think again. New studies have shown that using voice-to-text is more distracting.
  • Distraction leads to driver error
  • 7% of all drivers at any given time are using their phones while driving
  • When you start your car, disconnect your phone and Just Drive

Worried about your older parent or loved one who uses a cell phone while driving? Share these statistics to them, and suggest they take a local driving course to refresh their driving skills. To learn more about older people and driving, read our article about Older Drivers and Safety.

Go to nsc.org/pledge to take the pledge to drive cell-free.

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