Will baby boomers make tricycles cool again?

July 25th, 2013 No Comments

Active baby boomers to set trend with recumbent trikes

Tricycles are for preschoolers, right? Think again! As baby boomers age, their bodies may become less able to handle the stress upright bicycles have on their bodies. More and more active boomers are turning to recumbent trikes to replace their traditional bikes. Lower to the ground, these trikes are physically less stressful for those with back, shoulder, knee, and wrist issues. While the trikes are not widely known, a Sacramento bike store owner, Mickey O’Brien, predicts they will become a new trend. With prices ranging between $1,000-$5,000, these trikes have attachments for cameras, mirrors, and smartphones. Recumbent 2 and 3-wheel vehicles account for about 2% of national bike sales. People who ride these trikes are happy not to have to hold their neck in an awkward position. Balance issues aren’t a factor, either. Read more at The Sacramento Bee: http://bit.ly/14UpRLW. Visit www.terratrike.com to see more models of these recumbent tricycles.

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