How can you care for your loved one when you’re so far away?

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Long-distance care for your parents in New Jersey

In the U.S. today, people tend to live apart from each other. At some point in their lives, your parents, grandparents or another loved one may need someone to take extra care of them. The National Institute on Aging estimates there are approximately 7 million people who are caring for their loved ones over a long distance.

How do you determine if they need some in-home care assistance? Ask these questions:

  • Does mom need help with walking?
  • Has dad’s physical and/or emotional health been in decline?
  • Can grandma prepare a nutritious meal for herself?
  • Are mom & dad able to manage bills and other finances?
  • Has grandpa been taking his medications on time?
  • Is mom able to drive safely?
  • Does grandma need companionship?
  • Can dad dress and groom himself?

Planning and preparation is key. It’s important to have a family discussion about their care (just be sure your loved one is included in the discussion!). Also, prepare necessary legal and medical documents should there be an emergency. List their medical professionals, hospitals, pharmacies, and any medications they may take. Studies show that as people age, we do better when we remain in our own home. A home health care company close to your parent’s home, such as Visiting Angels in New Jersey, can provide peace of mind to both the care recipient as well as the far-away family member. Home health care employees will come to your parent’s home, helping them with meal preparation, personal care, medication reminders, friendly companionship, and more.

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