Experiencing sleep troubles? These foods may be spoiling your slumber…

March 18th, 2013 No Comments

Everyone has trouble sleeping on occasion. For family caregivers providing NJ elder care for your older loved one, lack of sleep can be the norm, especially if you’re getting up with them each night. But for those nights you’re “off duty,” the last thing you want is to have sleep disruptions. Sometimes, the cause can simply be what we’re eating each evening.

Foods/drinks to avoid in the evening:

  • Spicy foods–that pizza might be delicious, but you may be paying for it at night with heartburn or other stomach issue
  • Alcoholic beverages–alcohol dehydrates your body and prevents you from sleeping deeply
  • Chocolate–hidden in chocolate is caffeine
  • Energy drinks–these should be avoided not only in the evening but also during the day, due to the high caffeine amounts and the amino acid they contain which increases adrenaline and alertness
  • Smoked meats–bacon, ham, sausage…these contain high amounts of an amino acid which triggers a brain stimulate


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