You’re never too old to be on Facebook…

February 21st, 2013 1 Comment

Visiting Angels - In The NewsIn the news recently is the story of an older Michigan woman, whose real age on Facebook must be denied due to a technical glitch. Maguerite Joseph, born in 1908, is a 104-year-old Facebook user. However, a glitch in Facebook’s system only allows members to list their birth year as 1910 or above. Facebook is currently working on fixing the error.

According to her Facebook page, Mrs. Joseph loves to tell her stories and is a wealth of knowledge and history. Gross Point News wrote an article about her life when she turned 100 ( Although her eyesight is poor, she responds to her Facebook posts through her granddaughter, who reads and writes her posts for her. She is able to stay in touch with her family, which includes 12 grandchildren, and friends.

If you are a tech-savvy family caregiver involved in elder care NJ, why not help your older loved one set up their own Facebook page? It can help them engage more with their family and friends, and will give them an outlet by which to share stories and photos.



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