Fiber’s health benefits

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Fiber’s benefits

Fiber is something we all know we need to consume daily to maintain bowel health, regardless of age. However, fiber has many other health benefits.

  • Fiber reduces cholesterol levels. Soluble fiber is the type that reduces cholesterol levels. Beans, carrots, oat bran, apples, oranges, and flaxseed all contain soluble fiber.
  • Fiber maintains healthy blood sugar levels. Soluble fiber helps the body to reduce sugar absorption in the body, which helps improve blood sugar levels.
  • High fiber diets helps dieting. Because foods with high fiber levels tend to make you feel full, you won’t be as prone to overeat. It will also help you feel full longer.

Start your day off right with breakfast cereals which are high in fiber. Consumer Reports has studied fiber-rich breakfast cereals for taste, texture, nutrition, and value. See the results at

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