Are you flying this holiday? Read these great tips on how to stay healthy in the air!

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If you or your elder parents are planning to take to the airways over this holiday season, prepare your body to stay healthy.

Below are 10 great tips:

1. Bring an empty container with you through security. Once through, fill it up with water to stay hydrated.

2. Use the facilities prior to boarding the plane–and wash your hands well. Try to stand as far from the toilet as possible to avoid getting germs splashed on you. Try to avoid the plane’s restroom, if possible.

3. Keep your eyes hydrated and don’t touch them (rubbing your eyes is a primary way cold and flu viruses are transmitted).

4. Bring your own pillow and blanket. Airline pillows can carry germs. Dress in layers for warmth.

5. Before boarding, eat something healthy. Bring some healthy snacks or choose healthy foods at the airport.

6. Skip the pre-flight (and in-the-air cocktail). Alcohol is very dehydrating, and on a flight with low humidity can lower your resistance to colds and flu germs.

7. Put a stop to “airplane ear” by chewing gum and eating hard candy. You can also buy filtered earplugs which equalizes the pressure on your eardrums.

8. Prevent congestion by taking a decongestant 30 minutes prior to boarding, and by taking your allergy pills an hour before you board. Use nasal saline spray to lubricate your nasal passages.

9. Eat yogurt–its probiotic bacteria will work to strengthen your immune and digestive system.

10. Get an immunity boost before flying by taking vitamins or eating fruits and vegetables.

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