June is National Safety Month: Summer Safety for Seniors

June is National Safety Month: Summer Safety for Seniors

Summer is a time to get out and enjoy the activities the warmer weather presents. It’s also a time to be aware of the safety concerns the summer brings. Download the June Community Resource Bulletin for our collection of fact sheets for more information on the following summer safety issues:

Summer Poison Hazards

You may not think of being poisoned when you think of summer. However, bites, stings, food poisoning, sun poisoning, poison plants and mushrooms, insect repellents, pesticides, snake bites, and animal bites are all examples of poisons that are prevalent during the summer months.

Fireworks Safety

We all love to celebrate special events and holidays with fireworks. However, they can be dangerous to the average person, and are best left to the professionals. Fact: fireworks cause an average of over 18,000 reported fires each year.

Fall Prevention

An older person falls every second of every day, but fortunately most falls can be prevented by making simple changes to one’s environment and/or physical state. It’s important to talk about fall risks with your medical professional, keep doing activities that strengthen your balance, keep your vision in check, and take measurements to make your home safe from falls.

Home Safety Tips

Summer is a great time to evaluate your home for safety hazards. You’ll want to prevent falls, safety-proof your home, protect against fire dangers, screen for bathroom hazards, and protect yourself against abuse such as telephone scams and other fraudulent activities.


National Safety Council, www.nsc.org, 800- 621-7615
Burlington and Mercer County Offices on Aging: 1-877-222-3737

Download the June Community Resource Bulletin for more detailed Summer Safety tips on Summer Poison Hazards, Fireworks Safety, Fall Prevention, Home Safety Tips, and a Summer Safety Word find puzzle.

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