Do You Struggle With Late-Onset Psoriasis?

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Psoriasis Awareness Month Visiting Angels Mercer County New Jersey

August is Psoriasis Awareness Month

Did you know that it’s common for psoriasis to become a health issue for people in their sixties and older? Visiting Angels promotes Psoriasis Awareness Month in August and provides this information with the aim of helping seniors who struggle with late-onset psoriasis.

The most common autoimmune disease in the United States, psoriasis is a chronic, non-contagious disease that affects the largest organ of the body – the skin. 7.5 million Americans live with psoriasis, many of them seniors. According to Dermatology Times, early diagnosis of the disease is vital, and the symptoms include red scaly patches of skin that itch, crack, and bleed, and can appear anywhere on the body. These symptoms may be mild, moderate, or severe.

Causes of Psoriasis

Psoriasis may be caused by a combination of genes and exposure to external instigators. Psoriasis may flare up after a skin injury, a bout with a variety of infections, or a stress-related incident.  Certain medications may induce or aggravate psoriasis, especially in seniors. This alone makes treating and controlling psoriasis in seniors a challenge. Late-onset cases evolve from different genetic factors than those of early-onset psoriasis.

Treatment for Psoriasis

There is no cure for psoriasis, but researchers are laboring to find one. Many treatment options are available, and there are things that patients who struggle with late-onset psoriasis can do to help themselves. Treatment of this highly-variable disease is individualized, depending on the level of severity. The distinct possibility of adverse drug reactions and interactions make treating psoriasis, especially in seniors, difficult. Psoriasis may prompt other health issues. Seniors who struggle with late-onset psoriasis need to work with care givers to guard against other physical problems while managing this disease.

Taking prescribed medications is the number one protection in the fight against psoriasis. And there are things you can do at home that help.

  • Use moisturizer regularly
  • Get small amounts of sunshine daily, but don’t burn
  • Stop smoking. Smoking aggravates psoriasis
  • Talk with someone if psoriasis is affecting your self-confidence

 If you or your older loved one struggle with late-onset psoriasis or another chronic condition and need help with personal care but want to remain in your own home, contact Visiting Angels today. When you need professional, individualized, in-home care, think Visiting Angels. We provide caring, qualified non-medical services for you or your loved one, understanding how special and unique each person is. Assessing self-care capabilities and patient preferences, Visiting Angels is your first line of care for in-home New Jersey seniors. Call us today at 609-883-8188.

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