“Mature” Celebrity Fitness Stars Still Shining!

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Many of us grew up working out with our favorite fitness stars on TV. Jack LaLanne, Richard Simmons, and Jane Fonda inspired us to tone those muscles and lose those unwanted pounds—and kept us entertained by their unique personalities at the same time. These giants of fitness are now all 60+ and are still going strong: Jack LaLanne will be celebrating his 96th birthday in September, Richard Simmons is 60, and Jane Fonda is 72.

So what are they doing now? Continuing to inspire us, to be sure!

Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne is called the “Godfather of Fitness” for good reason. He was the first to open the modern health spa, the first to have a nationally syndicated exercise show on TV, the first to have athletes, men, women, and the elderly work out with weights, and the first to emphasize what exercise and nutrition can do for you—just to name a few! Jack is still active and is even blogging about what he’s been doing, “As usual, I have been working out daily both with weights and in the pool. Last month, I shot a pledge video drive for PBS and it has been circulated around the country raising thousands for public television. It was quite a bit of work because I actually updated a new book as a compilation from others I have written in the past. In addition to some black and white shows, I also released three of my remastered color shows, which I have never done, to go with this package. Watch for it on your local PBS station.” Check out his website at www.jacklalanne.com.

Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons will be forever be remembered for his bedazzled tank tops and short shorts—as well as for inspiring countless people to be Sweatin’ to the Oldies. His website (www.richardsimmons.com) describes him best: “Delivering a serious message with his trademark humor, Simmons has helped millions of overweight men and women lose close to 3,000,000 pounds by adopting sensible balanced eating programs and exercise regimes that are energetic, fun and motivating.” Richard gets his greatest satisfaction from being with people. He tours 250 days a year at women’s expos, nursing homes, high schools, children’s hospitals, shopping malls, and corporate seminars. Check out Richard’s YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/theweightsaint.

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda, queen of the aerobics movement in the 80s (she has “starred” in 23 exercise videos), is making a fitness comeback. Recently host of World Fitness Day in Atlanta, she’s still keeping in shape—although not in the same fashion as in the past. Even with a new knee and hip, she exercises four to five times a week. She’s currently working on two upcoming exercise DVDs and writing a book about aging. Asked what the secrets of aging are, she said, “It’s a combination of things. About a third of it is genetic, and we can’t do anything about it. But that means two-thirds we can do something about, and a major part of the can-do portion is staying active. It can be as simple as walking, swimming, moving, using light weights. Plus, you need to eat fresh, healthful foods and not fast food.” Visit her blog at www.janefonda.com.

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