18 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas To Get You Started…

random acts of kindness dayRandom Acts of Kindness Day

This February 17th is officially “Random Acts of Kindness Day.” This is a special day, and one we heartily endorse, but we’re happy to know that random acts of kindness can happen—and should happen—any day of the week, month, and/or year! People who practice kindness tend to feel better about themselves, which spreads happiness. If you’re an older person and are feeling lonely or isolated, try a few of these suggestions, as appropriate. In turn, if you know an older person who’s feeling lonely, do likewise. Let’s start spreading kindness today!

Need some ideas to start your juices flowing? Check these out:

  • Send a note or letter to someone you haven’t spoken to in a long while
  • Pay a genuine compliment to someone
  • Be courteous to other drivers
  • Allow someone to get in front of you in line
  • Put change in another car’s parking meter
  • Bring donuts or bagels to your office
  • Open the door for people
  • At a drive-through, pay for the order of the car behind you
  • At home, do a chore you don’t normally do
  • Spend time with your older loved one
  • Visit with people at a nursing home
  • Volunteer at a senior center
  • Give your server a big tip with a note complimenting their service
  • Help clean the yard of an older neighbor
  • Give your undivided attention in a conversation (no checking your phone)
  • Volunteer for something and follow up
  • Shovel snow for your older neighbor
  • Give an older loved one or neighbor a flower “just because”