4 Ideas for Celebrating Earth Day With A Senior

4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Every April 22nd since 1970 has been designated “Earth Day”–a civic day celebrated around the world and closer to home, here in New Jersey. Many communities sponsor events and activities which celebrate the earth’s natural environment, but you don’t need a group activity to have learn about, enjoy, and appreciate the environment. If you’re a family caregiver, why not involve your loved one in some fun activities on Earth Day? Activities are especially important for those with memory impairments.

Earth Day Activities

  • Start seedlings by using an old plastic soda bottle. Cut it in half, poke some holes in the bottom for drainage and fill with dirt and seeds. The top half can be placed back on the top to create a greenhouse effect.
  • Gardening and outside activities. This helps seniors get active while soaking in some essential vitamin D from the sun. Try planting some potted plants, watching birds, or going to a nearby park to people watch. Taking a nature walk in April is a great time to explore new spring growth.
  • Composting. Turn your food waste and garden clippings into compost. By spreading the compost over dirt, the soil will become richer, helping plants grow.
  • Picking up litter. You don’t have to adopt a highway to pick up random litter. Everyone can get involved in your local neighborhood by picking up trash in the area. If you’re on a leisurely stroll, bring a trash bag with you to pick up that old newspaper or empty soda can. Be sure to recycle when you bring it home!

For Earth Day events in Mercer and Burlington County, New Jersey, visit www.jerseyfamilyfun.com and click on the County Calendar of Events tab.