5 Autumn Driving Tips: Be Safe!

5 Autumn Driving Tips

Who doesn’t love seeing the vibrant colors of fall while being out and about? Cool, crisp weather combined with fall festivals make it a great time to explore our New Jersey sites. With the arrival of autumn, let’s review some driving tips that are unique to this time of year…

  • Sun glare. With the sun rising later and setting earlier, sun glare during work commutes can be blinding. Keep your windshield clean, have your wipers checked, and use your visor and sunglasses to cut the glare
  • Deer. During deer season, October through January, dawn and dusk are the times to be on high alert. Deer tend to travel in packs, so if you see one, be prepared for more. If you see deer, slow down to avoid collision.
  • End of Daylight Saving Time. Once daylight saving time ends, be extra cautious as drivers will be adjusting to decreased visibility.
  • Wet leaves. As the leaves fall, they can become very slick and dangerous when wet. They may also hide road imperfections such as potholes.
  • Tires. Consider using all-weather tires which provide better grip on cold surfaces.

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