5 New Year’s Resolutions for Older Adults

Happy New Year graphicHappy New Year: 5 Resolutions That Seniors Can Keep

With the dawning of a new year, we all start to think about making our New Year’s Resolutions. Sometimes, that’s as far as it gets. Other times, we’re serious about making positive changes and resolve to do so. Seniors don’t need to think that they’re too old to make resolutions. Making positive changes is a good idea for all ages!

These 5 resolutions are ones seniors will benefit from:

  • 1. Make new friends and/or reconnect with old friends. Isolation and loneliness can cause multiple health problems. Talking with friends can help keep these health issues at bay. Where to meet people? The local senior center, houses of worship, clubs, continuing education courses, volunteering, and community events are all examples.
  • 2. Eat better, eat more frequently, and/or eat less. Whether you need to lose weight or gain weight, eating more healthy isn’t difficult. Fill your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, protein, grains, and dairy. ChooseMyPlate.gov gives a more detailed overview for older adults.
  • 3. Keep and/or make regular doctor appointments. Staying healthy is very important, so keeping those important check ups or other physical exams is key. Not feeling well? Don’t delay getting a diagnosis. A cough could lead to pneumonia quickly, for example. Prevention is the best medicine, as they say.
  • 4. Get exercise regularly. We hear this over and over, right? Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean going to a gym, lifting weights, and getting sweaty. There are many fun ways to get your activity levels up: walking with friends, shopping, swimming, riding a bike, traveling, hiking, etc. There are also many low-impact exercising products which can be used while you’re sitting and watching your favorite TV program or listening to music.
  • 5. Enjoy yourself! Allow yourself to have some fun on a regular basis. Do whatever you enjoy doing: go to the movies, go on a cruise, spend time with your grandkids, get together with friends, take a walk in the park, visit museums, travel, take a train somewhere, check out the boardwalk & casinos at Atlantic City, see a Broadway show…the options are endless! The main thing is that you spend time laughing and feeling good.

Visiting Angels is wishing you all the BEST in the coming year! And if our home care Angels can help you achieve any of these resolutions and more, give us a call at 609-883-8188.