9 Ways To Make Mornings Great

Morning coffee and flowers9 Ways To Make Mornings Great

In a perfect world, we would all awaken naturally without an alarm, the sun gently streaming through our window, the birds would be merrily singing, and we’d feel well-rested and full of energy to start the day on a positive note.

In reality, it rarely happens this way. We all have so much on our plates—especially boomers in the sandwich generation, who are responsible for both their children and their parents while holding down full-time careers. The majority of Americans report that when they do start the day well, it has a positive impact on their entire day. Is it possible to make sure all–or at least most–of your mornings start off fantastically? Think about what makes you feel happy, then try to include them in your early morning routine.

Start with the Senses


  • Does the smell of fresh coffee give you a sense of happiness? A programmable coffee maker will ensure your home smells as good as a coffee-house right as you wake up.
  • Does the smell of freshly laundered clothing being a smile to your face? A long-lasting fragrance in a laundry detergent and/or fabric softener will linger all day long.


  • Do you have an energetic “morning anthem”–a tune that gets you moving? Or maybe you need something more calm, such as nature sounds or spa-like music. Whatever genre makes you happiest, create a morning playlist for the congested drive to work.


  • Does a messy home give you nightmares even though you’re awake? Before you go to bed, do a quick survey of your home and tidy up. Put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, place your dirty clothes in the hamper, put your mail into a neat pile, make your bed, and so on.
  • Watch your favorite early morning news program or read a newspaper as part of your morning routine


  • Does thinking about a delicious morning breakfast help you wake up? Choose healthy foods with great taste.


  • Give a big Good Morning hug to someone in your home: your significant other, your children, your older parent, and/or your pet to start the day with happy feelings.

Stick with a Schedule

  • Wake up each day at the same time: your body will get used to it and make waking up more natural
  • Make sure you have “me” time every morning: exercise, read, etc….an activity that’s just for you will help you give to others throughout the day
  • Squeeze in some extra morning time by completing morning tasks the night before: make lunches, iron your work shirt, write out tomorrow’s “to do” list, etc.
  • Always make time for breakfast! It’s to your advantage to become re-fueled and energized in order to take on the day
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to where you’re going: whether it’s work or another planned activity, don’t stress yourself out by not giving yourself enough time for unexpected traffic delays; being late never starts your day off on a good footing