Boomers take charge of planning their own funerals

Typically, funerals are hastily planned by a grieving spouse who has provided NJ elder care or by the family members of their departed loved one. There are so many issues to decide—did your loved one want an open or closed casket? Did they want to be cremated? Would they have wanted a somber or a more lighthearted funeral? What songs would they have wanted to play at the ceremony? Would they want flowers at the service or have money donated to a charity as a memorial instead? Which photos would they have wanted in a slideshow, if any? These questions—and many more—are often difficult to determine in the midst of grieving, especially if the family hadn’t discussed funeral wishes with their loved one in advance.

An online website,*, helps baby boomers and their older loved ones decide exactly how they’d like their “final goodbye” to be. Featured on ABC’s “SharkTank,” this website allows people to leave letters to selected people (to be read after their death), choose their funeral preferences (including what songs, poems, or scripture would be played, what “theme” it would be, and how much they’d like to spend, for example), write their own obituary, note where important papers and items are located, etc. The site is also packed with other information about end-of-life issues, such as types of burials, finances, living wills, and organ donation.

This innovative idea is just one of many more to come as baby boomers age and the demand for different ways of doing things increases.

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