Buy Personal Care Products In Bulk and Save

Shopping BagNJ Seniors Can Save by Buying in Bulk

In these tough economic times, big-box stores such as Sam’s Club, Costco, and BJ’s are becoming even more and more popular with consumers. Shopping at these warehouse stores can help save families hard-earned dollars by buying products in bulk.

For older adults and/or their family caregivers, they will save by buying in bulk on personal care items such as incontinence products, hygiene gloves, and nutritional drinks, for example. There are also various online sites such as or which also offer considerable savings for personal care products.

You may also want to consider signing up for automatic monthly delivery for these products—you can’t beat the convenience with automatic delivery. It ensures you’ll always have those often-used products on-hand and shipping is often free. Auto-delivery is great for older seniors who can’t go shopping as often anymore.

Warehouse Clubs In Mercer County:

  • Sam’s Club in Princeton, NJ
  • BJ’s in Trenton, NJ

In Burlington County:

  • Sam’s Club in Cinnaminson, NJ
  • Costco in Mt. Laurel, NJ
  • BJ’s in Maple Shade Township, NJ