If You Could Choose Only One: A Day to Celebrate Mom…or Dad?

Mother’s Day Survey: Mom is Tops

Visiting Angels recently commissioned a national survey asking adult children which would they choose to celebrate: Mom or Dad, if both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day fell on the same day. The overwhelming majority (78%) chose MOM, of course! Out of that majority, 83% said they would be visiting their mom on Mother’s Day.

Why Mom Over Dad?

The survey takers reported several reasons they’d choose to celebrate mom over dad.

  • 1. Because she’s deserving of being lavished with attention
  • 2. Because they share more things in common with their mom
  • 3. Because their mom carried them for 9 months and went through labor
  • 4. Because their mom is their preferred parent
  • 5. Because Mother’s Day seems to be celebrated more than Father’s Day and they feel an obligation to Mom

Why See Mom on Mother’s Day?

  • Almost all (90%) said they would visit because they love her and want to spend time with her
  • 59% said they will visit because they want to set a good example for their own children
  • About a fourth of respondents (22%) said their mom might make them feel guilty if they didn’t visit

Who Do They Celebrate?

  • Over half of women (57%) say the day is to celebrate their mother, even though they have their own children
  • Almost half of men (39%) concur; they also say the day is for their mom more than their wife

The Guilt Factor

  • Do we feel we ignore our mothers too much during the year, so have a big celebration on Mother’s Day to compensate?
  • 60% report they have guilty feelings about not spending enough time with their mom
  • About a quarter (26%) say that when they do spend time with their mom, after four hours they get restless

Why Mother’s Day Can be Stressful

About a quarter (26%) of survey respondents report Mother’s Day has been stressful. About a quarter (23%) report having conflict about Mother’s Day

  • 57% of conflict is from deciding WHERE to spend Mother’s Day (a restaurant, at their mother’s house, at their own house)
  • 32% of women who are mothers themselves wish the day could just be about them
  • 36% of men say they’re conflicted about choosing to celebrate their mom over their wife
  • 28% say that there are just too many mothers (mom, wife, step-mom) to make happy

What To Give Mom?

Mother’s Day is big business. Experts expect spending of $20+ billion this year! Survey respondents expected to spend from $51 to $100 on Mother’s Day gifts

What do adult children give their moms?

  • #1 Gift: A card
  • #2 Gift: Flowers
  • #3 Gift (tie): A phone call; dinner out

What does mom really want?

  • #1 Gift (tie): A card and dinner out
  • #2 Gift (tie): homemade gifts and quality time
  • #3 Gift (tie): Spa gift, flowers, phone call

Most people give their mom a phone call on Mother’s Day—studies have shown that’s the busiest day of the year for phone calls! About 77% say they’d rather talk to their mom than their dad.

Bottom Line: We Adore Mom!

Larry Meigs, CEO of Visiting Angels, says, “It’s no surprise the survey reveals adult children adore their moms and want to make a big deal for Mother’s Day because they don’t get as much time with their aging parents as they would like.”

Survey participants had no affiliation with Visiting Angels. This online survey of 150 men and 150 women was performed by a third party and commissioned by Visiting Angels.

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