Flowers Aren’t Just for Valentine’s Day

Flowers aren’t just for your Valentine! Flowers can instantly brighten your home on a gloomy February day–they’re a treat for your emotional well-being. A Harvard study suggests that people tend to display more feelings of compassion, feel less anxious and worried, and don’t have those feelings of winter blues when fresh-cut flowers are placed in the home. For those involved in elder care in New Jersey, what a great way to brighten a lonely senior’s day, too!

Think fresh flowers are out of your budget? Think again! You can get a gorgeous bunch of flowers at your local warehouse store such as Sam’s Club or Costco. Your local supermarket usually carries lovely inexpensive bunches as well. Online floral sites also offer great deals on flowers (search promo codes for the particular site for even greater discounts). Flower arrangements can be expensive around Valentine’s Day, so why not wait until the week after the holiday to order a bouquet at a more reasonable price?

You don’t have to be a professional floral designer to create a beautiful arrangement. Go to for ideas, or check out for more design ideas.