The Importance of Maintaining Interests As We Age

As we age, it’s especially important to maintain our interests and activities…and even develop new ones. Being involved helps in three specific ways:

  • It encourages our mental well-being and happiness. Activities such as reading, writing letters to friends and relatives, being part of group conversations/discussions (book clubs, for example), going on trips or short outings, and playing games (board games, cards, bingo, etc…) can all help ease the loss of our physical abilities and keep them motivated.
  • It stimulates our physical well-being. Doing some form of physical activity is crucial for our overall health, as long as the activity is appropriate for the age and physical condition of each person. Activities like gardening, walking, dancing–or even of structured exercise programs such as water exercises or tai chi–can not only build a healthier body, but also prop up a person’s self-esteem and contentment.
  • It enhances our emotional well-being. By socializing through shared interests or participating in group activities, we’re establishing contact with others, and consequently fulfilling our social and emotional needs (and having fun at the same time!).