Lighten Up! 3 Ways to Increase Natural Light In Your Home

dark to light rooms

Aging in Place: Lighting

Does your home seem dark to you? As we age, our eyesight changes, making it more difficult to see well in darker environments. We witness this decline when we drive our cars at night, as well as in our homes as when we struggle to read a magazine in low light. We can turn on more lights, but that may increase the electricity bill each month, may produce glare, and just isn’t as pleasing as natural light. During daylight, it’s to our benefit to take advantage of natural light by incorporating it into our living spaces. Natural light can enhance our moods and helps our sleep rhythms, as well as helping our vision and stimulating vitamin D production in our bodies. For seniors who want to age-in-place, a well-lit home is essential.

3 ways to have more natural light in your home:

  • 1. Remove or open window coverings which decrease light. This may include heavy curtains, sheers behind the curtains, blinds, etc. It may be as simple as opening the window covering during the day for more light, but you may also consider replacing the older window coverings with remote-operated blinds for ease of opening.
  • 2. Paint over your dark colored walls. Lighter colors with anti-glare textures will make it easier to see. Having freshly painted walls will also make the home feel refreshed and revitalized, making you want to open the dark curtains!
  • 3. Consider adding skylights to your home. This is a more costly way to add natural light, but will the results will be dramatic. Newer skylights are energy-efficient and can provide fresh air. Some even have remote controlled solar-powered blinds.