Is your older loved one too thin & frail? Check out these 6 healthy high calorie foods


6 Healthy High Calorie Foods

Family caregivers, is your older parent getting tired of you telling them to eat more because he or she is too thin? If your loved ones are underweight, chances are they are frail as well. Frailty can lead to falls, balance, and other problems related to strength, so the goal is to “put some meat on their bones” to help prevent these issues. You want them to eat high calorie foods, but ones which are healthy, as well.

Visiting Angels NJ suggests these healthy and delicious high calorie foods:

  • Nuts: these contain beneficial fats and antioxidants and are high in protein; about 400 calories in 1/2 cup of almonds
  • Granola: since this contains oil, nuts, and sugar, the calorie content can is about 500 calories in each cup
  • Guacamole: avocados are rich in nutrients and good fat (a medium avocado contains about 275 calories); combined with tomatoes, onion, seasoning, and lime juice produces delicious guacamole
  • Dried Fruit: because they normally have a coating of sugar, the calorie count increase; about 350 calories in a cup of mixed fruit
  • Peanut Butter: Low in cholesterol and high in protein; about 100 calories per spoonful
  • Cheese: High in calcium and protein; about 100 calories per slice of cheddar cheese

Most seniors will be happy eating these as snacks, so encourage “grazing” all day.

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