How Your Name Reveals Your Age

oldest living namesWhat wrinkle creams can’t hide

You may have tried wrinkle creams, hair color, age spot removers, toupees, or even cosmetic surgery to look younger. But your name may be aging you without anyone even looking at you. Is your name Viola? You’re probably around 75 years old. Fred? You’re around 65.

Nate Silver, a the statistician and political analyst, wrote a fascinating article along with Allison McCann, on about names and how they can predict a person’s age based on statistical data from the Social Security Administration.

Oldest Male Names among living Americans:

Elmer, Willard, Fred, Harold, Bob, Harry, Herbert, Bill, Eugene, Norman, Jimmie, Wallace, Clyde, Gene, Herman, Leroy, Clarence, Floyd, Cecil, Howard, Claude, Earl, Ralph, and Chester

Youngest Male Names among living Americans:

Liam, Jayden, Aiden, Mason, Landon, Carter, Wyatt, Jackson, Owen, Sebastian, Gavin, Elijah, Noah, Aidan, Oliver, Ethan, Isaiah, Xavier, Tristan, Lucas, Logan, Angel, Julian, Connor, Levi, and Isaac

Oldest Female Names among living Americans:

Gertrude, Mildred, Opal, Beulah, Myrtle, Blanche, Florence, Mabel, Agnes, Ethel, Viola, Thelma, Bessie, Lula, Nellie, Bernice, Dolores, Elsie, Dorothy, Gladys, Betty, Wilma, Willie, Lucille, Doris, Minnie, Helen, and Marion

Youngest Female Names among living Americans:

Ava, Isabella, Lily, Sophia, Mia, Sophie, Chloe, Kaylee, Gabriella, Zoe, Ella, Isabelle, Hailey, Alexa, Emma, Madison, Abigail, Amelia, Olivia, Jocelyn, Savannah, Sadie, Angelina, Mackenzie, Faith, Destiny, and Sydney

Take a journey into the past and find out what the most popular baby names were during each decade. Is your name listed? Is your father’s? What about your daughter’s? You’ll see some names have stood the test of time…and some haven’t.

Check out the Social Security website of popular baby names by year:

Find out how old your name says you are with this age calculator: