Seniors choosing to ‘Boomerang’ their senior discounts…a new approach on charitable giving

Boomers donate to charityBoomers Give Back

Boomerang Giving has recently been featured in the New York Times (see and on PBS. According to their website, “BOOMERANG GIVING is a national movement of Baby Boomers who dare to imagine the impact we can make as a generation if Boomers with the means reinvest some or all of our senior discount savings back into our communities through charities we each choose ourselves.”

In this season of cheer, goodwill, and giving, Boomerang Giving fits right in. The concept is simple. Boomers and other seniors receive discounts on a daily basis. Whether it’s at the movies, restaurants, hotels, or retail outlets, the discounts add up. Many seniors need these discounts, but many seniors can afford to pass what they’ve saved on these discounts to a worthy charity. That’s Boomerang Giving!

On Boomerang Giving’s website (, check out the tools to help you figure out your monthly estimated discounts. You can donate directly from the site, or directly to your preferred charity(s). Take the Boomerang Pledge today: “I pledge to help make my community stronger by donating some or all of the money I save from senior discounts to charities of my own choosing.”

Of course, donating your senior discounts is just a start. You can make philanthropy a way of life through community or national organizations. Giving is a win-win. The person giving feels good–especially if it’s through a friend, relative, or other social connection, according to a recent study. The charity wins, too, naturally. There’s no downside to giving!

Keep it local, NJ seniors! For a list of New Jersey charities, visit the Charity Vault online at